Published: Tue, April 16, 2019
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

British ambassador urges Sudan military to cease attacks on protesters

British ambassador urges Sudan military to cease attacks on protesters

Sudanese protesters have kept up a sit-in outside army headquarters in Khartoum since April 6.

The re-instatement of the country's 2005 constitution, which the military council suspended shortly after ousting Bashir.

"A military-led transition would be completely contrary to the aspirations of the people of Sudan", it said.

Protests have been rocking Sudan for almost four months, culminating in the toppling of president Omar al-Bashir last week after three decades of iron-fisted rule.

Sudanese protesters demanded new military rulers set up a civilian government as the foreign ministry called Sunday for backing from the global community to help the country's "democratic transition".

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Earlier the military council met with political parties and urged them to agree on an "independent figure" to be prime minister, an AFP correspondent present at the meeting said.

A 10-member delegation representing the protesters delivered their demands during talks with the council late on Saturday, according to a statement by the Alliance for Freedom and Change umbrella group spearheading the rallies.

But in a press conference later, the council's spokesman did not respond to the protesters' latest demands, although he did announce the appointment of a new intelligence chief of the NISS.

The Sudanese Professionals Association, which is behind the protests, urged people to head to the sit-in Monday and defend it from any new attempts by the military to disperse the demonstrators.

Protest leaders say their demands include restructuring the country's feared NISS agency, whose chief Salih Ghosh resigned on Saturday. "The most potent form of leverage would be to go after the assets laundered by Bashir and his allies through the worldwide financial system", Clooney wrote in a joint Washington Post column with rights activist John Prendergast.

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Himeidti is a field commander for the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) counter-insurgency unit, which rights groups have accused of abuses in the war-torn Darfur region.

Witnesses said the army displayed a banner on one of the walls of their building facing the protesters.

Al-Bashir, who came to power in an Islamist coup in 1989, imposed a nationwide state of emergency February 22 in an attempt to suppress the protests after an initial crackdown failed. He was once seen as the most powerful person in the country after Bashir and protesters held him responsible for the killing of demonstrators demanding an end to military rule.

But the protesters' elation quickly turned to anger as Ibn Auf, a long-time al-Bashir loyalist, announced the establishment of a two-year transitional military council and later was sworn in as its head. They demanded the dissolution of Bashir's National Congress Party and said they received affirmation from the TMC that the party will not participate in a transitional government.

The confiscation of NCP properties.

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