Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Vermont students to participate in national climate change protest

Vermont students to participate in national climate change protest

"So will our children and grandchildren and coming generations", Thunberg said.

After years on the political back burner, climate-related issues are once again on the policy agenda in Augusta. Still, there is little evidence that the United States is taking the "unprecedented" action required to cut carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2030, as the recent report released by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change deemed necessary.

Greta is a Swedish girl from Stockholm.

Ngatimoti School year 7 student, Ada Kiddle was at the protest with a number of students from her school.

The organizers argued that young people are the ones who will be impacted the most by climate change.

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Over the next few hours, American students from all 50 states will take part in what could be one of the largest environment protests in history: a global school strike to demand that adults take action on climate change.

Greta first came into the public eye on August 20, 2018, when she sat outside of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm to protest climate change instead of going to school.

In her interviews Greta comes across as blunt, honest and very smart.

She added: "We came here today to tell you that change is happening, whether you like it or not". But then the U.N.'s IPCC report came out previous year [and] it pushed me even further to take action.

"The clock is ticking and time is against us!" they shouted. "I think that's the main thing". "We are leading the movement and pushing politics. So the politicians they know what to change they're just not doing it". "And we will continue to do so for as long as it takes".

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That was Greta speaking to European Union politicians earlier this year.

Khadija Khokhar, a high school senior, fears for her future. But we are not. So we need to do this now. That is next year. "Resist with us. This is the most important lesson".

Children and students hold up their hands inscribed with: "In your hands is our future" as they participate in a FridaysForFuture climate protest march on March 15, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

"Do we really want to live a life in houses with masks and everything?" That said, it's unclear why Greta's nomination was announced. And the media has failed to create broader public awareness. "But all of us who are under 18 will be here, and we've been given no voice". We are facing a disaster of unspoken sufferings for enormous amounts of people. "Now is the time to speak clearly".

Other protests have taken place on Fridays since, but today is the first major coordinated action. Since then, she has continued skipping school every Friday, as per The Guardian.

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"I would say my teachers' response has been neutral". So that I can solve the climate crisis. "We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize or properly address our climate crisis". We have the solution and the facts and the data and the science.

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