Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Trump Checks On BBC Cameraman Attacked By Supporter At His Rally

Trump Checks On BBC Cameraman Attacked By Supporter At His Rally

Trump, who apparently noticed the tussle, paused his speech and waited for Skeans to give him the thumbs up before proceeding.

A video has revealed the shocking moment a BBC cameraman, Ron Skeans, was attacked at a Donald Trump rally in Texas.

"We need the wall, and it has to be built, and we want to build it fast", he said, as people chanted, "Build that wall!"

"Access into the media area was unsupervised", Danahar said. Trump noticed the commotion during his rally and briefly paused to ensure "everything [was] ok" before continuing.

"But if you really want to see something, go outside".

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Trump's top envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, visited Pyongyang last week to work out details of the upcoming summit. Trump told CBS' Face the Nation last Sunday that he had no plans to withdraw troops from South Korea.

Trump's rally in El Paso was also his first direct clash with potential 2020 presidential rival Beto O'Rourke.

The BBC's Washington news editor, Eleanor Montague, said Trump had whipped the crowd "into a frenzy against the media" prior to the attack.

He said the man attempted to smash the BBC camera.

"Furthermore, given that the president's rhetoric about journalists is too often false and derogatory, we ask that he refrain from unnecessarily targeting journalists with his speech since such rhetoric may be inciting violent acts such as this one", the group said in a statement.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has repeatedly condemned the mainstream media as "fake news" and an "enemy of the people".

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The incident at the El Paso coliseum comes almost two years after the president used the term in a controversial tweet to describe ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and The New York Times.

Yet during the remainder of the rally, Mr. Trump continued to single out journalists and call them "fake news".

CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta past year posted a video on Twitter that showed a hostile crowd at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida.

He added he had previously been "spat at" during a Trump rally. It later refocuses and shows an individual sporting a MAGA hat being detained, before yelling out, "F**k the media". At Tuesday night's rally, for instance, he pointedly drew the rally attendees' attention to the bank of media who were covering the event.

Video footage from the rally shows the President pointing out the press to the crowd who boo in response.

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