Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Industry | By Dora Warner

Google upgrades Gmail right-click menu

Google upgrades Gmail right-click menu

Specifically, this is an update for the Gmail web application and doesn't affect mobile users who rely on the Gmail app for Android OS.

Always about the giant Google, in the past few hours, the company has announced the launch of a programming interface for Google Docs that allows developers to automate many common tasks (such as entering text, changing the formatting or managing lists).

The right-click menu (which you can also access by long-pressing on a touchscreen) now offers three options: "Archive", "Mark as read" and "Delete".

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Gmail's right-click menu is not particularly useful at this point in time as it provides only a handful of options.

Reply to the right-clicked email.

Open emails in new windows.

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Use search to find emails with the subject. The context menu can be accessed using Ctrl+click on Mac keyboards and menu key on Windows keyboards.

The rollout has started already. In any case, G Suite users will be able to benefit from it starting February 22nd, or even now if they are part of the quick launch mode. Many features that land for G Suite customers are implemented for free users as well eventually, and usually in a short period.

Finally, us Gmail users get a right click menu on our emails. With the latest addition, users can take more actions directly from a message.

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These are options which I for one take for granted - I get this in Outlook, which is how I use my Gmail account - but not having it on the web view (when I'm using a different computer) is a real pain in the neck.

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