Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Bill to create separate Russian internet gets first approval

Bill to create separate Russian internet gets first approval

According to BBC, this massive exercise is slated to take place before 1st April 2019; however, no exact date has been announced.

It proposes that data being transferred between internet service providers should pass through new "traffic exchange points" that would be individually identifiable.

Named the Digital Economy National Programme (DENP), measures include the creation of Russia's own internet address system so that its online access could continue if connections to worldwide servers were severed.

The bill was introduced after the White House aired its worries over cyberattacks by Russia, China, and other countries past year, USA public broadcaster NPR writes.

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For years, western countries have pointed to Russia as the likely offender in various hacks, and cyber attacks attributed to the Russian government earned the country sanctions, as well as promises from Western governments to improve their cyber defenses.

The test would involve temporarily unplugging from the global network and routing all data within the country instead of through worldwide servers.

Not only would the new laws protect the country from cyber attacks, but they would also ensure all internet traffic to the country is filtered, much like in China. Part of the plan also involves Russian Federation building its own version of the Domain Name System (DNS) - an address book of the internet.

Russian Federation may temporarily disconnect the country from the internet.

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The new approach follows what USA officials said was a wave of cyber attacks by Russia, Iran, North Korea and China, warning it would now respond to any future hostile intrusions both offensively and defensively.

In 2017, Russian officials said they wanted to route 95 percent of all internet traffic locally by 2020, ZDNet added.

RBK reported that all internet providers agreed with the law's goals, but disagreed with its technical implementation, which they believe will cause major disruptions to Russian internet traffic.

An intelligence assessment conducted in January 2019 also named Russian Federation and China as major sources of cyber threats and said the two countries were now "more aligned than at any point since the mid-1950s".

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The bill provides for the possibility of installing technical equipment on communication networks that determine the source of transmitted traffic.

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