Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Juncker rules out giving May anything more than ‘clarifications’ over Brexit deal

Juncker rules out giving May anything more than ‘clarifications’ over Brexit deal

On 15 January, British MPs are due to give their verdict on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, which has already been branded a failure and lost cause by cross-party politicians.

"MPs need to remember that Britain, its people and its traditions are the mother of Parliaments".

The Foreign Secretary appealed to MPs to come together behind a Withdrawal Agreement which is "not perfect" but "broadly delivers Brexit".

In the first, MPs backed an amendment aimed at making it more hard to leave the European Union without a deal. "We ignore that and the will of the people at our peril".

Without a deal, Britain faces an abrupt break from the European Union on March 29, and there are fears it could involve chaotic scenes at borders, ports and airports.

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"It will open the door to extremist populist political forces in this country of the kind we see in other countries in Europe", Mr Grayling told the paper.

A senior and well-placed source predicted there would also be "furious lobbying of MPs", with 10-15,000 voters being encouraged by People's Vote campaigners to target MPs in 100 key seats, including key Tories, Labour waverers and potential opposition supporters of May's deal, like Caroline Flint and Gareth Snell.

People have interpreted that as me saying that I too would vote for the deal if I had a chance.

Meanwhile, two of the biggest donors to the Leave campaign said they believed Brexit would eventually be abandoned by the Government and that the United Kingdom would stay in the EU.

In a significant shift of tone apparently created to win over hardline Brexiteers who have set their faces against Mrs May's deal, Mr Hunt warned that defeat next week would not necessarily provide MPs with the opportunity to choose their preferred version of Brexit.

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Billionaire businessman Peter Hargreaves, who pumped more than £3 million into the exit campaign, told Reuters: "I have totally given up".

And hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, who donated more than £870,000 to pro-Leave groups, said: "My view is that it ain't going to happen".

He explained it was not possible for the minority Tory administration to control what happened in Parliament, noting how John Bercow, the Speaker, had shown that he was "willing to frustrate the Government at every opportunity".

They attributed a lack of direction from Brexiteers as one of the reasons for their pessimism. I'm not really surprised about that.

"I do want to secure a deal with the EU".

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For if the Prime Minister's deal doesn't pass next week, or whenever it's brought back afterwards, there seems to be little alternative other than for the Government to request an extension of Article 50, either in preparation for another referendum or some sort of other deal. The only deal we have is the withdrawal agreement.

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