Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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Man accused of stealing roommate's $10M lottery ticket

Man accused of stealing roommate's $10M lottery ticket

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of emotions for a California lottery player who, on December 20, believed himself to be the victor of a $10,000 prize.

On Dec. 20, the lucky victor purchased a Scratchers ticket and was ecstatic to win what he thought was $10,000, police told KTLA.

Chris Polen, a spokesman with the Vacaville Police Department, said authorities weren't naming the man at his request.

Worst case. well, he never imagined that. The shopper lucked out, winning what he thought was a $10,000 prize.

CBS13 reached out to them for comment but have yet to hear back. He went home to share the good news with Saosongyang and their other roommate.

When he woke, the roommate took the card to a shop in an attempt to collect his winning but was told that it wasn't a victor. But the ticket he presented was not a victor.

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The player suspected a roommate had switched tickets while he slept and called police.

It turned out his instincts were correct.

Meanwhile, Saosongyang brought the winning ticket to Lottery's Sacramento District Office in an effort to cash it.

When the man went to the California State Lottery's district office in Sacramento to collect his winnings the next day, he was told that the ticket was not a victor and had been altered, police said.

Adul Saosongyang, 35, is alleged to have switched the card, which he thought was a $10,000 victor, while his roommate slept.

But whatever dream of accepting a jumbo-sized check Saosongyang may have had, it was delayed.

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The California State Lottery reviews all winnings of more than $600.

Police arrested Saosongyang when he arrived at the lottery office to claim his prize. A police investigator and lottery official then met up and linked the two stories together, the reportedly stolen ticket and Saosongyang's winning scratcher.

"It was just like the victim said it happened", Polen added. Turns out he miscounted a few zeros as he actually won $10,000,000.

Police say 35-year-old Adul Saosongyang stole his roommate's winning $30 scratcher ticket and swapped it with a different one, thinking the ticket was worth $10,000. But instead of walking out with fistfuls of money, he left with his hands clasped behind his back.

Adul Saosongyang, 35, was arrested and charged with grand theft. According to police, he does not yet have a lawyer. "I saw I won $10,000 in this game.' And, he kind of told me some stuff", said Russ Lopez with the California Lottery.

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