Published: Wed, December 05, 2018
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Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative

Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative

The new browser id codenamed "Anaheim", and it is also unknown if it will share the same UI or not. When Microsoft's Sean Lyndersay, the Principal Program Mananger Lead for Edge, announced the Android and iOS browsers past year, he said the company is committed to EdgeHTML, despite its replacing it with Blink and WebKit on Android and iOS.

There is no information regarding a re-branding or change in user interface which may accompany this switch in rendering engine, but the adoption of Chromium should ensure that Windows 10's default browser works just as well as Google Chrome across web applications. As those old enough to remember the dark days of Internet Explorer hegemony will certainly recall, having a single rendering engine powering most of the known browser world means that "web standards" are whatever that engine decides to do.

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As you may well be aware, Chrome is the clear market leader when it comes to web browsers, so Microsoft's decision to switch to Chromium rather than its own browser engine is the obvious choice in terms of trying to ensure better compatibility for Windows 10's new default browser (which is now codenamed Anaheim).

Edge has seen little success since its debut on Windows 10 back in 2015.

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Chromium is a browser engine popularised by Google Chrome, also used by Opera, Amazon Silk for its Fire range of devices, and a variety of other browers. Though the number of supported extensions continues to grow, Edge pales in comparison to Chrome.

But it could be seen as bad news for the punter - it risks all browsers starting to become much-of-a-muchness so vendors will have to try twice as hard to make theirs stand out. The move could be announced as early as this week, according to The Verge, which earlier reported on Microsoft's plans. It has been committing code to the Chromium project, pushing Chrome closer towards running on an ARM processor.

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