Published: Fri, November 30, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

AWS partners Lockheed Martin to make downlinking satellite data easier and cheaper

AWS partners Lockheed Martin to make downlinking satellite data easier and cheaper

AWS is kicking off with a pair of ground stations and says it will have a total of a dozen up and running by the middle of next year.

Senior AWS vice-president Charlie Bell said satellite "data is incredibly useful for building a wide range of important applications, but it is super complex and expensive to build and operate the infrastructure needed to do so". It also offers additional ROS packages that connect to AWS services, making it easier to build robots, add intelligent functions, simulate and test robotics applications, and manage and update fleets of robots. 8K Miles' proven capability, customer commitment, and market leadership through demonstrated AWS deployment success are the key milestones for this accomplishment. "To rule real-world application use cases you need to make maps and real-time spatial data available in an easy-to-consume, real-time and affordable way", Mueller told TechCrunch.

The service will be available to AWS customers in the government or highly-regulated sectors involved in missions such as public safety, military, data collection and Earth observation.

Trump cancels meeting with Putin over Ukraine
Major fighting ended with a 2015 ceasefire but deadly exchanges of fire are still frequent. The tweeted decision was seen as a sudden turnaround, as roughly an hour earlier, the U.S.

US e-commerce leader Amazon's subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday introduced four services and capabilities to make it easier to ingest data from edge devices and build rich Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

AWS noted that achieving the AWS IoT Service Delivery designation for AWS IoT Core differentiates Klika Tech as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized, demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering AWS solutions.

AWS will use Lockheed Martin's new Verge antenna network for the new service, which will help customers download data from multiple satellites at the same time, Rick Ambrose, Executive Vice-President of Lockheed Martin, said. "Not what you expected", was how he concluded the first announcement of a very niche Ground Station-as-a-service solution for the satellite industry.

Don't expect big interest rate hikes, Fed chief Powell says
Bush blamed, in part, Alan Greenspan's slowness in cutting rates for Bush's failed run for a second term in 1992. In an interview with The Washington Post , Trump criticized higher interest rates and other Fed policies.

A few initial customers, including DigitalGlobe, BlackSky, Spire, Capella Space, Open Cosmos and HawkEye 360, are already accessing the antennas through a preview which started on 27 November.

There are now over 2,000 satellites orbiting the Earth and collecting data, with 16,000 expected to be in low orbit over the next decade. A ground station is the vital link for transmitting data to-and-from satellites in orbit. Their satellite data is used in vehicle navigation and for tracking global incidents where first responders can save people in disaster areas or war zones.

AWS also announced a strategic collaboration with Lockheed Martin to integrate the new AWS Ground Station service with the global security and aerospace giant's new "Verge" antenna network.

Trump ex-lawyer Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress
The women have claimed they had affairs with Trump after the real estate mogul married his third wife, Melania. Cohen made a surprise appearance in a NY courtroom at around 9am local time (14G) and began entering the plea.

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