Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
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Trump Ham-Handedly Tries To Interfere In GOP Leadership Battle

Trump Ham-Handedly Tries To Interfere In GOP Leadership Battle

Watch more from Dershowitz above. Democrats gained more House seats than in any election since the 1974 wave after Watergate, in addition to their statehouse wins and holding down their losses in the Senate, which included flipping GOP seats in Nevada and Arizona.

House Republicans said they have coalesced around a slate of candidates ahead of Wednesday's elections, including Cheney, who has served in Congress for two years. Mixed with their expectations-inflating thirst for a historically unique rebuke of Donald Trump, many on the left felt as though the party had blown it, even as plenty of key races were still undecided.

CNN, a frequent target of President Trump's ire, was a subsidiary of Time Warner, which has been known as WarnerMedia since the takeover closed in the middle of the year.

Two Democrats leading the rebellion against Nancy Pelosi were bullish Tuesday evening about their efforts to stop her from winning the speakership, promising to soon reveal that they had enough support to cause a major shake-up at the top of their caucus.

"In sharp contrast to the GOP Congress, a Democratic Congress will be led with transparency and openness, so the public can see what's happening and how it affects them".

One of the great ironies of the 2018 midterm elections is that the Democratic Party's emergent stars-Representatives Kyrsten Sinema and Beto O'Rourke-likely would have remained nameless had they tabled their Senate bids in favor of another term in the House.

Stan Lee dead: Tributes paid after Marvel icon dies aged 95
Marvel fans might get to see at least one more famed Lee cameo in a superhero film, depending on what productions have wrapped. Lee died early Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif., according to the Hollywood Reporter .

Republican gubernatorial candidate and, conveniently enough, Secretary of State Brian Kemp declared himself the victor of the super tight Georgia election against Democrat Stacey Abrams soon after the polls closed - and he had a lot of reason to do so.

Gottheimer noted several House leaders - including the Minority Whip, Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., and Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., have both issued statements backing the Problem Solvers rules overhaul.

It would fall to Cheney to speak not only for current members seeking re-election in 2020 when Trump is also on the ticket, but also to craft a message that persuades voters in swing states to send more Republicans to Congress. Cheney easily won re-election this year as Wyoming's sole House representative, a seat her father held from 1979-1989.

The US economy has so far been relatively strong under Mr Trump, and his supporters credit it to him. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted, citing Senate wins in Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee, among others. Although some Republicans, such as Senator Lindsey Graham of SC, have been critics of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's crackdowns on dissent, most criticism of Egypt has come from Democrats. Democrats did pretty well given how many seats were up in red states.

The Democrats said wait, the tax cuts are just for the rich and, anyway, where are wage hikes? "The hopeful part is that we're ushering in a new generation of leaders into the Democratic Party who understand the urgency and will help build a movement to create the political will for bold action".

Pelosi embraced the protesters and said she planned on launching a special committee to focus on the climate crisis.

Arizona sending firefighters, engines to help California
The Pasadena California Firefighters Association responded to the president on Twitter. "This weighs heavy on all of us", he said. The TV series "Westworld" is among the many productions that have filmed at the ranch in the mountains west of Los Angeles.

Concerning policy options, some Democrats have also found that it pays to be socialistic because all kinds of young voters are socialistic and, if history has never allowed socialism to succeed, maybe it can be persuaded to change its mind.

That's bad news for Mr Trump, because those demographics are only growing, as the number of white males - the core support base he has courted - is steadily shrinking.

Democrats featured historic diversity on the ballot. None of them won last Tuesday.

The Democrats needed to gain 23 seats to seize the House majority.

In January, the Democrats will have the majority in the House.

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He wasn't afraid to go for his shots and also employed the switch-hit on a few occasions, including hammering a six off Chahal. Praising the bowling efforts by team India , Rohit added, "We didn't want to be complacent and wanted to come out and win".

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