Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
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Microsoft Identifies Windows 10 Pro Activation Rollback Issue, Promises Quick Fix

Microsoft Identifies Windows 10 Pro Activation Rollback Issue, Promises Quick Fix

Reports began circulating yesterday that Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system was, for some users, issuing warnings that the operating system was not activated and therefore not licensed for use.

While there is one review on the app reporting that this version of Alexa can't install skills or access smart home features, the Amazon representative says that you can control devices if you set them up with the web app first.

75,000 homes evacuated as Southern California fire rages
Multiple injuries have been reported by both civilians and firefighters, Cal Fire spokesman John Gaddie said. Evacuation orders in the Hidden Hills area of Los Angeles County were also downgraded to voluntary.

Windows 10 has a number of functions that make it appealing to users, such as its high-degree of customisability. Others were told simply to wait awhile and see if the problem would fix itself. This appears to have been a critical issue that was caused by the Windows Activation System Server malfunction. Hopefully nobody affected by this actually went out and purchased a Windows 10 Pro license as a result, or downgraded to Windows 10 Home-we haven't heard of any cases where that has happened.

A Microsoft support chat person said the licensing server issue is temporary, and should be fixed within one to two business days. The affected users need not to do anything as it is a known issue. Either way, it is yet another annoying issue affecting Windows 10. Microsoft is working on a resolution and estimates a solution will be available in late November 2018. This issue seems to affect those running even earlier Windows 10 versions as well. The activation troubleshooter detects a digital Windows 10 Pro license and reports that an edition upgrade is required, but the following upgrade process stops immediately and the activation does not take place... Windows 10 audio problems?

Three Final Fantasy XV DLCs Cancelled, Game Director Leaves Square Enix
Ardyn's DLC will still be arriving in March 2019, and it sounds like that could be last DLC we see for Final Fantasy 15 . PC will not see the standalone version of FFXV's multiplayer expansion, Comrades , but consoles still will.

Alexa had already been integrated into a few Windows PCs through partnerships between Amazon and the PC makers.

The litany of customer complaints can also be found on Windows 10 Forums and similar sites. Here are some of the enterprise-centered features to expect in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Imelda Marcos sentenced to 42 years for corruption
Graft is a bailable case, however, which means Marcos may be given provisional liberty while she is appealing the conviction. The arrest of Marcos, who was not present at the trial, was ordered immediately after the verdict was read out at.

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