Published: Mon, November 05, 2018
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Nothing Is Certain On Eve Of First Nationwide Elections Of Trump Presidency

Nothing Is Certain On Eve Of First Nationwide Elections Of Trump Presidency

President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama traded blow after blow as they crossed the country in the final weekend of campaigning before Tuesday's midterm elections. "I can't speak to the blues, but I can speak to the reds".

The White House pushed back against claims that Trump's recent steps to secure the United States southern border were motivated by the upcoming election.

Obama also appeared later on Sunday in his old home state of IL, which hosts a competitive governor's race and several tight US House of Representative races.

The number of seats each USA state receives depends on its population size. Presidents with approval ratings as low as Trump's have generally suffered significant losses in midterm elections.

In the final pre-election poll from the Washington Post and ABC News, Democrats hold a seven-point advantage over Republicans on the generic Congressional ballot - but there are a number of hopeful glimmers for the GOP, too.

Opinion polls and election forecasters have made Democrats favourites on Tuesday to pick up the 23 seats they need to capture a majority in the US House of Representatives, which would enable them to stymie Trump's legislative agenda and investigate his administration.

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Kemp refused, and just three days before the election helaunched an evidence-free claim that state Democrats hacked voter registration files in the state and he is going to investigate. Democrats are relying more upon women, people of color, young people and college graduates.

Democrats benefit from a massive gender gap that has persisted throughout the fall (women favor Democrats 62% to 35%, while men are about evenly divided, 49% back the Republican, while 48% support the Democrat in their district), a wide lead among political independents (53% for the Democrat to 39% for the Republican), and strong support from black and Latino voters (88% of black voters and 66% of Latino voters favor the Democrats). Those voters have increasingly fled Mr Trump's Republican Party, turned off by his chaotic leadership style and xenophobic rhetoric.

A nationwide poll released Sunday by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal details the depth of the demographic shifts.

Fact-checker sites state that Trump got 41 percent of the female vote in that election, though he did get 52 percent of votes from white women.

Trump is holding a pair of rallies Sunday for Georgia's Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp and in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn.

Republicans now lead among men and those 40 and over.

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The symbolic news of Obama's victory, for most Americans, came at 11 p.m., yet tens of thousands of people who were elated about the history-making moment turned out to hear Obama's victory speech in Grant Park in his hometown Chicago.

It has been almost two years since former U.S. president Barack Obama left the White House. "But it'll be a start".

Sound familiar? Tomorrow Americans across the U.S. vote in Donald Trump'sfirst big electoral test since he became president.

Trump is sending up to 15,000 United States troops to the border to stave off a caravan of migrants slowly making its way through southern Mexico, hundreds of miles from the border. The president also said soldiers would use lethal force against migrants who throw rocks, before later reversing himself.

The hyper-charged environment is expected to drive record turnout in some places, but on the eve of the election, it's far from certain which side will show up in the greatest numbers. Republicans now have a 47-seat majority in the House, so Democrats need to take away 24 GOP seats to gain control.

"They'll do anything and everything they can to impeach him", she said.

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