Published: Sun, October 28, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Iceberg floating in Antarctica is ideal rectangle

Iceberg floating in Antarctica is ideal rectangle

The us space Agency NASA showed a picture of an iceberg a flawless rectangular shape, with smooth surface and sharp angles.

Operation IceBridge is the agency's longest-running aerial survey of both the north and south polar ice. Previously, NASA has launched a project to search for extraterrestrial civilizations. When the first photo was taken during a flight over Antarctica, the scientists had no idea the public would get so obsessed with the weird image.

Though a certain tabular iceberg has recently gained a bit of fame after its photo spread through social media like wildfire, it turns out that it wasn't the only oddly-shaped iceberg spotted by researchers earlier this month.

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IceBridge senior support scientist Jeremy Harbeck pictured the two icebergs together on the airborne survey of the Earth's polar ice on October 16.

The scientist who all are involved in this operation has now released the original photo of that rare rectangular iceberg which was taken in the last week.

NASA scientists have captured images of an iceberg in Antarctica that looks perfectly rectangular.

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"I thought it was pretty interesting; I often see icebergs with relatively straight edges, but I've not really seen one before with two corners at such right angles like this one had", Harbeck said in an article on

The rectangular iceberg itself seems to be freshly calved from Larsen C. This is the same ice sheet from which broke a massive, trillion-ton A 68 iceberg. Though they may appear too ideal to be formed by nature, "tabular" icebergs are relatively common, such as the Pobeda Ice Island that forms periodically off the coast of East Antarctica by a tabular iceberg running aground.

In the latest development, NASA has said to have spotted a rectangular iceberg during the operation IceBridge. But in the released picture of that, it has shown only a portion of that iceberg.

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Non-tabular icebergs are the ones we tend to think about in the more traditional sense, but our steep-sided and flat-topped friends have something in common with their more recognizable cousins: they likely take on a more geometric shape below the surface, making them just as hazardous for passing ships.

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