Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
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McLaren’s $2.25 million Speedtail hybrid boasts 250MPH speeds

McLaren’s $2.25 million Speedtail hybrid boasts 250MPH speeds

That said, McLaren figures about a third of Speedtail production is headed here. But there is a way around that. But what really made it unique was its three-across seating arrangement, with the driver placed in the center. The driver sits front and center with a passenger behind each shoulder. Subsequently, the racing auto engineer, and McLaren's former owner, engaged vehicle designer Peter Stevens to conceive the F1.

Did we say 1,035 hp? So do the pop-out video cameras that replace the car's side mirrors.

American buyers will have to import the auto under federal Show or Display rule for historically or technologically significant cars. However, the original F1 "only" generated 627 horsepower.

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McLaren on Friday unveiled a auto billed as the spiritual successor to the legendary F1: the Speedtail. GT stands for Grand Touring, an indication the auto is designed for luxury and comfort as much as for outright speed. The interior is covered in soft and expensive, but lightweight, Scandinavian leathers. The seat is trimmed in a new kind of leather, created to allow people to slide effortlessly across its bolsters without compromising the way they're held in place under heavy g-forces.

However, that all changes with the reveal of the McLaren Speedtail. This gives the material a shimmering appearance that can have a variety of colors. The McLaren and Speedtail badges on the auto are made from 18-carat white gold. These are mounted above the driver's head.

The road-compatible hybrid "Hyper GT" is based on a monocoque body structure made of carbon fibre, which, at 5.2 meters in length, overshadows the long tail, and aerodynamically, it leaves all the other road sports cars from the brand in the dark. Fittingly, the Speedtail is wing-shaped, allowing it to slip easily though the air while causing as little speed-robbing turbulence as possible. The vehicle also lacks side mirrors, choosing instead to have side and rear view cameras that let the driver see around the Speedtail on displays inside the auto. Static covers affixed to the front wheels boost aerodynamics. These prevent the wheels from disrupting air flow over the vehicle. A pair of flaps seamlessly connected to the back of the auto move up and down automatically providing the right amount of downward force to the rear wheels.

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A special "Velocity Mode" allows the vehicle to reach its 250 mile per hour top speed. Those side-view cameras retract, and the aluminum active suspension lowers the vehicle by 1.4 inches.

Its petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain is a new development of existing tech, but McLaren has held back on releasing the full facts on it, presumably to guarantee more headlines at a later date.

Specifically focusing on the car's badge, the Speedtail's logo bears an optional 18-karat-white gold with carbon fiber badging, which will be available to the 106 individuals who have reserved the McLaren Speedtail.

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