Published: Sat, October 27, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Federal carbon tax rebate a 'vote-buying scheme:' Saskatchewan premier

Federal carbon tax rebate a 'vote-buying scheme:' Saskatchewan premier

Under Trudeau's plan the cost of everything will increase and once a year you will get money back on your income tax return.

Officials said goal of the overall carbon pollution pricing system isn't to generate revenue, but to influence consumption and investment decisions toward greener alternatives.

Tuesday's announcement set the stage for what will be a key issue in next year's federal election.

Nunavut and the Yukon have chosen to embrace both the federal price on carbon and large emitter plans, while Prince Edward Island has its own carbon plan but will be adopting the federal approach to taxing large emitters.

What's their plan, assuming they have one?

The new tax will have the most impact in Ontario, Canada's most populous province, where the new right-of-center Conservative government of Premier Doug Ford says it will take Ottawa to court over the plan. A cubic metre of natural gas will cost 3.91 cents more, or about $8 more per month for the average household.

"Eight in 10 Ontario families will get back more than they pay, directly", Trudeau said.

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Come on in! We will pay you to not consume fossil fuels - as individuals and as industries. Payments will be determined based on family size.

He said the carbon tax rebate system, which will be enforced in four provinces, comes just as Ottawa prepares to roll out expanded CPP contributions, which will eventually raise the individual benefit rate by 33 per cent.

Not only have emissions not come down in British Columbia - the reason for the tax - but the tax itself has turned into a cash cow for the province.

But he added there are still parts of the country,"where people refuse to get it".

Trudeau said the 2014 agreement for light armoured vehicles, signed by Canada's previous Conservative government and a Canadian unit of USA weapons maker General Dynamics Corp, had been written in such a way that taxpayers would have to pay a large amount of money to end it.

"What we heard today is that this is not about the environment".

The prime minister said conservative politicians are "banking on the fact that Canadians are not going to want to act". The rest will be parceled out to small businesses, colleges, schools and hospitals in a special fund that has yet to be worked out.

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"This massive tax hike from the federal government will jack up the cost-of-living for each and every Ontario family and business", Ford said in a written statement.

Not everyone believes him, and the next election is shaping up to be a battle royale over the carbon price.

No matter what he claims, life under Justin Trudeau is about to get much more expensive.

Scheer has said repeatedly that carbon prices do nothing for the environment. The rebates will ensure families don't suffer and can further increase their savings if they do find ways to reduce their emissions.

In B.C. the government included items such as an interactive digital media tax credit and a film incentive tax credit in their list of actions that made the carbon tax revenue neutral.

Ottawa's price will start at $20 a tonne on January 1, and rise $10 a year until it hits $50 in 2022.

Environmental groups and advocates applauded him. However, Canada needs to cut more than 200 million tonnes by 2030 to hit its existing emissions target, and more than 300 million tonnes to get to the recommended target of a recent United Nations climate change report.

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Three provinces - BC, Alberta and Quebec - already have carbon pollution pricing systems in place. It said it would provide reimbursements for small -and medium-sized companies, but did not specify what mechanism would be used, promising instead to release details in early 2019.

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