Published: Wed, October 24, 2018
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Understand ‘What Is Racist’ About Dressing In Blackface

Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Understand ‘What Is Racist’ About Dressing In Blackface

On a roundtable about Halloween costumes on NBC's Megyn Kelly Today, Kelly lamented how back in her day, nobody got all offended about minstrelsy like these snowflake kids today. Kelly, however, didn't understand Bravo viewers' outrage over the costume.

"But it sounds a little racist to me", Soboroff said.

When the other hosts objected, saying that nobody should be dressing like a sexual predator, Kelly said, "I don't want the University of Kent telling me that I can't do it".

This is perhaps the most controversial statement Kelly has made since joining NBC and debuting on Today, where she took over the 9am slot after the network chose to cancel previous hosts Al Roker and Tamron Hall.

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Dress up in Michael Jackson's red leather jacket if you must. That's apparently been some rule for a long time.

Kelly added, "Isn't the whole objective of Halloween to dress up and pretend you're someone other than yourself?" You can't dress as a nun.

She got a round of applause for that comment, and called colleges discouraging students from wearing stereotypical costumes "absurd".

This went on for awhile, as Kelly also dismissed the recent anger over a "sexy "Handmaid's Tale" " costume ("Get over it, wear what you want").

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"Blackface is part of a history of dehumanization, of denied citizenship, and of efforts to excuse and justify state violence".

Late Tuesday afternoon, NBC released an apologetic email that Kelly sent to NBC staffers, as she stated she was led to "rethink her own views" after speaking to colleagues and friends. From lynchings to mass incarceration, whites have utilized blackface (and the resulting dehumanization) as part of its moral and legal justification for violence.

This is certainly not Kelly's first controversial take on race, having previously declared on Fox News that both Santa Claus and Jesus were white. Melissa Rivers tried pulling the old "Whatever happened to polite society?" line (ignoring the fact that it's people Megyn Kelly that get to decide what those norms look like), using Nazis as an example of something "normal" people would just inherently know not to dress up as. The thinking on blackface changed so long and conclusively ago, though, that it's jarring to hear the White Santas Only Lady pretend there's still a shred of ambiguity left. "Blackface was NOT okay when we were kids", he tweeted.

"Megyn Kelly is proof that being book smart doesn't prevent you from being an ignorant moron!" on Twitter user wrote.

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