Published: Sat, October 20, 2018
Markets | By Noel Gibbs

Burger King creates 'nightmare' green sandwich for Halloween

Burger King creates 'nightmare' green sandwich for Halloween

SALT LAKE CITY ― Burger King's new menu item is spooky, and not just because of its name... or its green bun.

A report conducted by the Center for Food Safety, Consumer Reports, Food Animal Concerns Trust, U.S. PIRG Education Fund, Friends of the Earth, and Natural Resources Defense Council, published on Wednesday gave Burger King an "F" rating "for lacking any announced policy to source beef raised without the routine use of antibiotics". That's according to the results of a "clinical study", the statement said. Those are available now, but if you're not particularly concerned with waking up in a sweat or your blood sugar, wait until the Nightmare King makes its public debut on Monday, October 22nd, so you can terrify your digestive system into ruining a good night's rest.

It lasted over 10 nights and involved 100 participants who ate the "Nightmare King" and were then monitored while sleeping.

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"Someone in my dream turned into the burger".

According to USA Today, the aptly named "Nightmare King" has been clinically proven to induce nightmares.

The video includes a number of research subjects eating their nightmare burgers before undergoing a sleep study. Measurements of heart rate, brain activity and breath revealed that the occurrence of nightmares increased by 3.5 times after consumption. "I remember hearing voices and people walking around talking", one participant says, per People. Another recalled "aliens attacking" a boat he was on.

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"[The combination of proteins and cheese caused] an interruption of the subjects' REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycles, during which we experience the majority of our dreams". Um, though there's nothing wrong with layering beef, fried chicken, bacon, and cheese onto a sandwich, do you really need a study to determine if that combo will muck up your sleep a bit?

So what causes the increase in scary dreams?

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