Published: Tue, October 16, 2018
Sport | By Wendy Sparks

Aaron Hernandez Had Secret Affair With His High School QB

Aaron Hernandez Had Secret Affair With His High School QB

In Part 1 of the series, Jonathan Hernandez, Aaron's brother, tells the Globe that Hernandez was sexually molested as a child.

Their father died when Aaron was a junior in high school and while he was in school, Hernandez smoked marijuana with his friends and teammates and concealed a secret about his sexuality, according to the report.

The Boston Globe's Spotlight Team - which conducted interviews with family, friends, former teammates and obtained recordings of almost 300 phone calls Hernandez made from prison - released the first part of their six part series on Aaron on Saturday.

Jonathan also said Aaron Hernandez was a victim of sexual abuse too.

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The late former National Football League player Aaron Hernandez' gay lover speaks out about their relationship in a new profile in the Boston Globe.

Hernandez committed suicide in prison after being convicted of murder and was acquitted of others.

Hernandez, who played three seasons with the Patriots, shockingly took his own life in prison and was diagnosed with a severe case of CTE in light of autopsy reports. I respect you." Fletcher said, "I started laughing because for once he was the bigger man than me. Five days before his suicide, he had been found not guilty of a double homicide that occurred in 2012.

"'F-t' was used all the time in our house", Jonathan told the Globe. SanSoucie was the quarterback and Hernandez broke a CT high school record by catching 67 passes from SanSoucie.

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According to the Globe, Jonathan claims that Aaron feared his father so much that he guarded his sexually closely.

SanSoucie also told The Globe he had a sexual relationship with Hernandez in middle school and high school, a relationship they hid from everyone.

Former Patriots linebacker Dane Fletcher, who like Hernandez was a rookie with the team in 2010, said he and Hernandez had a volatile relationship from the start, exchanging both insults and punches. "We didn't want people to know".

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