Published: Fri, October 12, 2018
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Kanye West Rambles Like Trump In White House Meeting

Kanye West Rambles Like Trump In White House Meeting

"We don't need sentences, we need pardons", Mr. West told the president.

In a Fox television interview Thursday, Trump said that Kanye's support had transformed blacks' view of his presidency.

The White House had said that Trump and West would discuss a range of issues, including manufacturing, prison reform, preventing gang violence and reducing violence in Chicago, which is where West grew up. When the New York Times' Maggie Haberman first broke the news of the upcoming meeting earlier this week, she reported that West was specifically interested in speaking about improving employment prospects for former convicts and creating jobs in his hometown of Chicago.

The meandering soliloquy roller-coastered from the personal to the political.

Talking loudly and rapidly on everything from Trump's protectionist trade polices to replacing Air Force One with a hydrogen plane, black gun crime, being married to Kim Kardashian and "infinite amounts of universe", Kanye left the normally loquacious president almost speechless.

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He said his "Make America Great Again" hat gives him power.

He also commented on his childhood.

West's mother and father separated when he was young, so he didn't have a lot of "male energy" in the home growing up, he said Thursday. Trump told reporters at Trump Tower that the they had been "friends for a long time". "We don't have the reparations, but we have the 13th Amendment".

On his own speech: "You are tasting a fine wine".

Trump said he is willing to "look at it", and said "they have to do something". We'd go into further detail about the things he said but I think we can all agree that the guy hasn't got a clue what he's saying. "That was quite something". "He's a smart cookie".

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Kanye also said that he told Trump he was going to create a factory in Chicago called Larry's - a homage to Gangster Disciples leader, Larry Hoover - where he'll hire ex-inmates to make his "Make America Great" hat as well as other items.

"Let's stop worrying about the future all we have is today", he continued. Also attending is former National Football League great Jim Brown, a civil rights leader who has met with Trump previously.

And not only did he greet Trump with a big, affectionate cuddle, he also dubbed himself a "crazy motherfucker".

The pair then posed for photos and West, who did not cast a vote in the 2016 presidential election but has been a vocal supporter of Trump, hugged the president. West seemed to surprise shoppers by standing on top of a table and delivering more of the stream-of-consciousness speech he had delivered in the Oval Office, per social media evidence.

Prison reform, Chicago violence on menu for Kanye-Trump White House lunch
Trump and West talked a range of topics including reducing violence in Chicago , which is where the rapper grew up. West said his intention is "to release the love throughout the country". "We don't have 13 floors, do we?"

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