Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

Sony will finally let you change your PSN Online ID

Sony will finally let you change your PSN Online ID

So I'm anxious that, in a few months, we'll start seeing a flood of posts on the PlayStation forums or subreddit in which users are upset about losing game progress, saves, or trophies because they changed their names.

You will have the option to display your old ID alongside your new ID, which is interesting as it suggests that PlayStation really are putting some kind of universal identifier behind the scenes to keep your various names linked.

Sony officially announced that, after twelve years and countless user requests, it's finally allowing users to change their PlayStation Network names. If this is an issue, you can revert back to the original name for free at any time (but just once during the preview program).

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To make the change from xxxSniperJoe420xxx to "MyWifeIsMyLife2012" you'll merely need to head to the settings menu or profile section of the PS4.

The first change will be free.

The feature will be here soon, and Sony's breakdown makes it sound like a pretty simple process - one that should sound familiar to Xbox users. Subsequent changes will cost £7.99/$9.99, or £3.99/$4.99 if you have PlayStation Plus.

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While all PS4 games released since April of this year will play nicely with the changed IDs, Sony says that "a large majority of the most-played PS4 games that were released before this date" will be compatible. Also, after you do change your name, you could display your old one to help people recognize who you are. Still, a list of compatible games will be available on the PlayStation site, so hopefully users will soon know which games to avoid. Sony will provide a list of supported ID change games (again, this is weird that it doesn't just work universally, and a glimpse into Sony's odd infrastructure).

The beta for PS name changes is "scheduled to conclude at the end of November 2018" and all PS4 owners will be able to change their names, if all goes well, in early 2019.

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