Published: Sat, October 06, 2018
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Tipsy birds flying into windows, cars in northern Minnesota

Tipsy birds flying into windows, cars in northern Minnesota

The northeastern Minnesota town of Gilbert is alerting residents that birds may be a bit more "tipsy" than normal this time of year.

The police department explained that due to an early frost, certain berries in the community have started the fermenting process early.

This has caused the interesting and unusual occurrence of drunken birds to seem more prevalent than previous years.

"Generally, younger birds' livers can not handle the toxins as effectively as more mature birds", the police department writes.

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Police say there is no need to call emergency services to report the inebriated avians - they "should sober up within a short period of time".

"They'll be flying kind of erratically", he said.

Those berries are filled with ethanol, with the substance causing birds to lose their inhibitions, just like human drunks, and pay less attention to potential obstacles or hazards.

"Oh my! That explains all the birds bouncing off my window lately!" said one.

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"They just get sloppy and clumsy", Dodder said.

Back in Gilbert, this year has been an especially bad one for party fowls. "They have actually fallen out of trees on occasion".

The reason: The birds have apparently found themselves with an unexpected excess of booze.

While the authorities are clearly having a giggle, there is reason to be concerned on the birds' behalf. "Sometimes they are picked up after crashing into windows". And it's pretty common, reports NPR, which dug up some other instances of boozey birds. In 2014, National Geographic reported on "tipsy" behavior of Bohemian waxwings with berry-stained beaks that were admitted to an animal health unit to dry out. "We will hold them in captivity until they sober up and then set them free".

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