Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
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Critics Are Raving in New 'Venom' TV Spot

Critics Are Raving in New 'Venom' TV Spot

While the film thankfully saves the sequel bait for the obligatory mid-credits scene, Venom still feels like only half of a story. Opens Friday at theatres everywhere.

For Michelle Williams, starring in Marvel's "Venom" opposite Tom Hardy boiled down to geography and politics.

The movie just seems so weirdly out of place for an actor known primarily for his dramatic work, in serious films such as Dunkirk, The Revenant and The Dark Knight Rises. He lives in a Victorian on Union Street with his lawyer fiancee, Anne Weying (confusingly not Chinese, because she's played by Michelle Williams), who I assume covers most of their rent. There are Venom 3D showtimes, and it's super-easy to get Venom 3D tickets.

"Or I stand and push it as far as I possibly can with consideration to all opinions and options, but, ultimately, I have to go it alone and make some decisions which I'm responsible for". They get points for moxie, if not consistency. "There's an ambition to keep making these movies, and to figure out where each of these characters connect".

Google Assistant’s new UI and developer tools are officially rolling out
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However, as comic books love to change the backstories of its characters with a bit of retroactive continuity (ret-con) future Venom films might just do the same so that this character can inevitably team up, or go, against Spider-Man. His presence alone keeps Venom from being an unwatchable disaster, as the film occasionally approaches amusement, not always on objective.

The life of Eddie Brock, played by Oscar nominee Tom Hardy, seems to be ideal with a celebrity status from his shining career as an investigative journalist. Eddie roars around on his motorbike, like Meat Loaf in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, reporting on how the Little Guy is being put down by The Man. The spaceships, funded for research by the Elon Musk-esque Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), bring back an alien symbiote that can attach itself to humans - and other beings - in an effort to survive is what is to them, a hostile environment.

"This one didn't really dig into my psyche in that aspect, it was much more fun to play", notes Hardy, who's married to actress Charlotte Riley (they also have a child together).

Brock, either courageous or stupid, breaks into the Foundation at night, sees the test subject partially covered with black goo, which breaks through its glass-walled gage as the symbiote pulls itself free and drops itself onto a new host. Likewise, Fandango says Venom is one of their most anticipated movies.

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A lot of Venom consists of set-up for Eddie Brock and how he will eventually come into contact with the symbiote.

Regarding Sony's planned Spider-Man connected universe, they have announced a slew of movies, and if Venom performs as hoped, Sony wants to connect their characters to Spider-Man, the MCU and Avengers (which is the reason it thought Venom is PG-13).

The picture gets increasingly sillier as the pace gets ever more frantic, especially after a second hungry symbiote enters the scene.

Echoing Eddie's American colloquialisms (Hardy gifts us with another unique Tom Hardy Accent here, incidentally), Venom explains that on his own planet, he's "kind of a loser". You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride of Tom Hardy shrieking while Venom decapitates people and growls bad advice in his ear.

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Today we have a similar story line with more alien goo-several versions of it, to be precise-that falls to Earth in a wicked space accident.

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