Published: Tue, September 18, 2018
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Kavanaugh and accuser to testify in Senate

Kavanaugh and accuser to testify in Senate

Initially the sexual misconduct allegation was conveyed in a private letter without revealing Dr Ford's name.

"Given the nature of these allegations, and the number of outstanding questions, I believe the Judiciary Committee should hold off on Thursday's scheduled vote", Donnelly said.

Trump Monday accepted the possibility that a vote on Kavanaugh's nomination would be delayed.

The Supreme Court often gives the final word on highly contentious laws and its nine judges have an vast impact on U.S. political life.

Could there be a delay?


Ford's decision to go public prompted some key senators to voice support for a delay in Kavanaugh's nomination process, which is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. She says Ford, a Democrat, isn't politically motivated. I exited the bathroom, ran outside of the house and went home.... Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who indicated they would not vote for Kavanaugh without hearing Ford's accusations out.

"Unfortunately, committee Republicans have only known this person's identity from news reports for less than 24 hours and known about her allegations for less than a week", Grassley said.

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The Democrats have demanded a delay.

The Senator added the Judiciary Committee will be "working diligently to get to the bottom of these claims".

Senior Republican Senator John Cornyn called on lawmakers to treat the process "with bipartisan participation in a spirit of collaboration and concern for all involved".

Mrs Katz told NBC's Today: "She believes that if were not for the severe intoxication of Brett Kavanaugh, she would have been raped".

"We now know there are so many women who had similar experiences at different points of their lives, and the idea that a guy who sexually assaulted you would be on the Supreme Court is so stomach-turning that I think that there will just be an awareness and a reminder of how important it is to stand up, get involved and vote", McKenna said.

Conway says Kavanaugh also should testify to the allegations, noting he has already provided testimony and has undergone Federal Bureau of Investigation background checks.

"This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored", Conway said in an interview with Fox News.

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Asked for a response to Ford's detailed allegations, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah offered CNN the same denial Kavanaugh issued previously.

The paper said Christine Blasey Ford, a professor in California, reached out to the Post in July as Kavanaugh's name appeared on short lists to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, but she opted not to speak with the Post on the record for weeks.

"Obviously, if Judge Kavanaugh has lied about what happened, that would be disqualifying", she said.

Ford said Kavanaugh and a friend - both "stumbling drunk", she says - corralled her in a bedroom at a Maryland party in the early 1980s when she was around 15 and Kavanaugh was around 17.

Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. Dianne Feinstein with her account of the incident, but requested confidentiality. She told reporters on Monday that she assumed committee staff interviews with Kavanaugh and Ford "would be the prelude to some sort of hearing".

What could happen with the vote?

. And they shouldn't have waited 'til literally the last days.

Now, several Senate Democrats and Republicans say Kavanaugh's confirmation proceedings, which are set to take place this week, should be halted until they can question Ford and Kavanaugh.

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