Published: Sun, September 09, 2018
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Here Are the Fortnite v5.40 Patch Notes

Here Are the Fortnite v5.40 Patch Notes

Week 9 is the penultimate week in Season 5, so time is running out if you want to earn all of the items and cosmetics associated with the Season 5 Battle Pass before Season 6 begins.

A big part of Getaway is the Grappler, the new mobility item. Once a player picks up a jewel, they will become visible to everyone in the game for 30 seconds and move 10 percent slower, but will gain health and shields over time.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has lifted the curtains on its latest title update for the perpetually popular shooter, with version 5.40 adding High Stakes into the mix.

"Coffee Boy" Papadopoulos Sentenced To 14 Days
More accurately, Papadopoulos hemmed and hawed, and finally settled on, "I might have, but I have no recollection of doing so". The memo went on to say that Papadopoulos was "ashamed and remorseful", but he did not always seem that way on social media.

Dubbed "Getaway", this mode sees players try to collect various jewels spread across the map. Of course, there are always those other pesky players trying to stop that. Several supply drops are scattered around the island.

Epic launches weekly patches for Fortnite, and this week's launch is patch v5.40. You're going to need a squad ready and willing to defend a sitting duck target.

And as ever, Fortnite patch v5.40 also introduces a range of bug fixes, tweaks, adjustments and such, all of which you can read in the complete patch notes here. Complete your getaway gear with the Safecracker glider!

IDF reports 202 attacks on Iranian targets in Syria
Against this backdrop, Syrian state media reported that Israeli warplanes on Tuesday struck military sites in the provinces of Tartus and Hama.

After a quiet couple of weeks on the challenge front, Fortnite have struck back with a vault full of new tasks to crack. With 15 charges, you can chain shots together to travel great distances quickly.

The stakes are higher in Battle Royale and the Horde brings another challenge to Save the World. This makes it a lot easier to regain high ground if someone is building over you, rather than forcing you to either find a way to build yourself up or destroy the other person's structure.

Trump has 4 or 5 suspects for op-ed writer
It's all but unthinkable that the Justice Department could open an investigation into the op-ed article. "We're going to see". In the piece , the writer had claimed: "The root of the problem is the president's amorality".

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