Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

The photographer showed the largest Museum fire

The photographer showed the largest Museum fire

Federal police will investigate since the museum was part of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Kellner said that the institution had just recently secured approval for funds for a planned renovation of the museum, including an upgrade of the fire prevention system.

"For many years we fought with different governments to get adequate resources to preserve what is now completely destroyed", said Duarte, the vice director. "Our Nationwide Museum became 200 years ragged, but that's what we had, and what's misplaced ad infinitum". It was only in 1902 when the museum collections were transferred.

Outrage online after pole-dancing principal greets Chinese kindergartners
A Chinese kindergarten is in hot water after a pole dancer performed for children at an event to celebrate the new school year . Standaert added that several parents had complained, prompting the board to terminate the principal from the school.

She added that UBC worked closely with Rio's museum in analyzing the artifacts and helped the former in building a "digital portal" for art collections around the world that includedpieces from the northwest coast. Amid an ongoing investigation and unable to access much of the now destroyed museum, officials have been reluctant to give any account of how specific artifacts fared in the fire or disclose information on other material that may have been in other locations.

Professor Paulo Buckup, an expert in fish science at the museum, told the BBC that he was able to rescue a "tiny" part of the museum's collection of thousands of specimens of mollusks.

Most of the items, Duffek said, got to Brazil indirectly. "However the sensation I the truth is personal about the museum is sadness. Everything is finished. Our work, our life was all in there".

North, South Korea To Hold Summit On September 18-20: Seoul
Post-summit nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang were rocky and quickly settled into a stalemate. Kim issued a vague statement about a nuclear-free peninsula without describing when and how it would occur.

Demonstrators, a lot of them students from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, forced their way onto the site of the destroyed museum on Monday to protest the Brazilian government's protracted cuts to funding for science and education that found their disastrous expression in the burning down of the museum. The PT (Workers' Party) and Rede are theonly two political parties which have included policies for the protection of museums in their manifestos for this year's elections. The cuts were first imposed under Rousseff's PT government and then intensified under Temer. There were no reports of injuries, the museum said, and it wasn't immediately clear how the fire began.

Staff have blamed the fire on years of funding cuts.

Firefighters combing the ruins Tuesday found some bones and fragments of a skull, renewing hopes that the museum's main item, a 12,000-year-old skeleton known as "Luzia", may have survived, according to The Guardian.

Brie Larson Soars as Captain Marvel on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly has provided an exclusive first look at Brie Larson suited up as Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers . That's a motif throughout the piece, the element of learning to control one's emotions and to use your powers wisely.

The museum's destruction caused a social media outcry and a crowd of around 500 protesters gathered to form a human chain around its still-smoldering remains. This is a great loss not only for Brazil itself, but for the entire world. However, parts of the building were still burning and continuing to be extinguished at the time of publication. "Poor people in Brazil do not go to school, let alone to museums". The defense of culture, history and the entire legacy of humanity depends upon the building of a mass movement of the global working class directed at putting an end to the irrational, destructive and selfish system of the capitalist ruling class.

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