Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
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Trump wants to change libel laws in response to Bob Woodward's book

Trump wants to change libel laws in response to Bob Woodward's book

President Donald Trump insisted Wednesday that he's "the exact opposite" of Bob Woodward's portrayal of him in a new book that has set off a firestorm in the White House with its descriptions of current and former aides calling Trump an "idiot" and a "liar".

If there's one thing people have come to expect from a book by Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, it's some stunning new revelation about the inner workings of a USA administration-something that typically sets the town buzzing for days.

Amid intense speculation over who wrote the piece, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, previously Mr Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director, said he was not the author and slammed the Times for publishing the piece.

Those critics found even more irony in a five-year-old tweet from Trump that referenced a February 2013 Woodward opinion piece which blamed President Obama for a failure to compromise on the federal budget.

In his previous books, which have been rolled out with as much anticipation as this one, Woodward has typically delivered some startling revelations that not only intrigued but also changed the conversation in Washington. "I think the president's probably got a lot of respect for the South, I hope so".

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The Times' Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman reported that a list of about six names had been crafted by aides, who suspected the writer worked in the administration but not at the White House specifically. The office was unable to quickly procure an advance copy of the book.

Chief of Staff John Kelly was supposed to bring order to the White House but it looks like it's just wearing him down.

Underscoring the aggressive response, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted Wednesday that Woodward "got played", adding that "most of these stories are made up from low confidence under performing people that have fallen flat on their faces because they didn't have the talent or intelligence to be successful".

Kelly repeated a statement he made in May about the report that he insulted the president. They've reached out to the White House for comment.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders separately called on the individual to resign.

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President Trump, however, is denying Woodward's claims. Steele's tone became more serious, however, when he asserted that as damning as Woodward's book is, the Times op-ed is even more damning-and that, the former RNC head stressed, is the last thing the GOP needs with the midterms only two months away. "Fear" is slated for a September 11 release. "While I generally enjoy reading fiction, this is a uniquely Washington brand of literature, and his anonymous sources do not lend credibility". MORE reportedly refused to appear on television with her then-presidential candidate husband following the release of the "Access Hollywood" tape.

The WaPo article begins by describing a scene where White House lawyer John Dowd questioned Donald Trump to convince the latter that he shouldn't testify in front of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russian Federation investigation.

Mr. Trump insisted he "never used those terms on anyone, including Jeff", adding that "being a southerner is a GREAT thing".

President Donald Trump on Thursday once again ripped into Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an interview with Fox News.

"He is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people", the statement said. He said the author is "failing" and "probably here for all the wrong reasons".

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