Published: Wed, August 22, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Google Fit adds new tools to entice you to exercise

Google Fit adds new tools to entice you to exercise

Fit should now help you get the amount and intensity of exercise you need to improve your health. Google says it turned to both the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization to develop two activity goals: Move Minutes and Heart Points. Speaking of those goals - there's a visible component to meeting them that includes closing activity-tracking rings, as users of Apple Watch are already familiar with.

If you want to keep an eye on your fitness or are just interested in checking out the new Google Fit keep an eye out for it landing this week or head over to the Google Fit website to join up. This system focuses not only on smartphones and fitness trackers, but on mobile wearable devices too.

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The Google Fit app will have a journal view that will show you all of your activities, achievements and progress towards your goals across all of your apps. Unlike the previous design - which would track, for example, walking, running and biking as separate categories - there are now only two main metrics. A lower-key workout such as a brisk walk generates one point per minute, while an intense workout counts as two. People will earn credit for every "move minute" they log, which tracks lower-intensity movement like walking.

The company will use your phone or wearable device to figure out when you're on the move.

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Google Fit is the go-to app for fitness enthusiasts on the Android platform: made by Google itself, Fit gives you an overview of your daily activities and stimulates you to move more and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Google has begun rolling out what it says is the biggest update to Google Fit since its launch in 2014, taking the lid off a redesign of the Google Fit app for Android and the Fit section inside Wear OS.

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Aside from the new features, you'll still be able to track all the same workouts from the app, some of which will be automatically tracked, as well as manually input data from blood pressure monitors, weighing scales and more. Today they have announced their new Google Fit app created to bring their fitness tracking up to par.

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