Published: Sat, August 11, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

UK PM May scolds Johnson for burqa remark after outcry

UK PM May scolds Johnson for burqa remark after outcry

Six in ten people said it was not racist to compare women in veils to bank robbers and letter boxes.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May shared, "I think Boris Johnson used language in describing people's appearance that has obviously caused offense".

Sources close to Mr Johnson, who is now facing investigation by the party, defended his comments and claimed it was "ridiculous that these views are being attacked".

The complaints will be assessed by an independent panel appointed by the Conservative party Chairman Brandon Lewis and the Chair of the 1992 backbench committee of Conservative MPs.

Johnson also noted that if "a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber", he would request that she remove the burqa if she wanted to speak with him.

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Johnson had already been criticism by a number of Tory politicians and Muslim groups for his comments, which "some claimed were created to pander to right-wing voters to bolster his future leadership chances", says The Guardian. Such full covering clothing has been already banned in France.

"Islamophobia does play a big role in Muslim women's lives", she said in a telephone interview from the Midlands.

On Thursday, the article was still front-page news in some British publications, with the left-leaning Daily Mirror suggesting the government was at war as "15 top Tories" condemned Johnson's "burka insult as one says it risks 'a race war'".

"I welcome this investigation into Boris but let's not pretend this is an isolated incident".

"We work closely with Police Scotland to prevent incidents such as the ones mentioned".

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So will he say sorry?

Mr Johnson, who is holidaying overseas, has made no response to demands for an apology.

We understand that you have requested Mr Johnson to apologise.

Ruth Davidson is among the senior Consersvatives who have said Mr Johnson should apologise for his "gratuitously offensive" comments on the burka.

"The women who wear the niqab and report into us clearly report to us they are called telephone boxes, letter boxes, bin bags, when they are abused and when they are assaulted".

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According to the BBC, Johnson's supporters defended his remarks, saying that he was simply sticking up for "liberal values".

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