Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Syrian Rocket Scientist Reportedly Assassinated By Israel's Mossad

Syrian Rocket Scientist Reportedly Assassinated By Israel's Mossad

In a similar report, Syria's al-Watan said that Israel's Mossad was behind Asbar's assassination.

The Syrian opposition blamed [Saturday's] attack on the Assad regime, claiming [Asbar] was very familiar with Syria's chemical weapons deployment and its use against civilians.

The Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah-which has been helping the Syrian army on the ground in its operations against terrorists - also pointed the finger at Mossad for the killing of the top Syrian scientist, according to the Beirut-based al-Akhbar newspaper.

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Meawhile, the Times of Israel reports that a senior Israeli government official has declined to comment on the report Tuesday, but noted it was "a good thing" that Isber was dead. "Every day in the Middle East there are hundreds of explosions and settling of scores", Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israel's Channel 2 News.

"I can say that assuming the details of this man's activities are correct and he was engaged in developing chemical weapons and longer-range missiles capable of hitting Israel, I certainly welcome his demise".

His center was the target of Israeli air attacks last month and in September, the Observatory added.

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Asbar was not among them, perhaps because he was associated with Syria's missile programme rather than the development of chemical weapons, according to the New York Times. The official said Mossad had been tracking Asbar, who was allegedly in charge of re-building an underground weapons factory that the Israeli military destroyed previous year.

It was reportedly the fourth assassination mission carried out by Israel against an enemy weapons engineer on foreign soil in the past three years, according to the senior official quoted by the Times.

In April, missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France destroyed a Syrian Scientific Research Centre facility in Damascus, in response to a suspected poison gas attack. The Times reports that the bomb was apparently planted by Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.

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