Published: Thu, August 09, 2018
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PUBG launches its own website dubbed 'FIX PUBG'

PUBG launches its own website dubbed 'FIX PUBG'

PUBG breaks down the planned fixes and overhauls into five categories: client performance, server performance, anti-cheat, matchmaking, and bug fixes / quality of life issues.

PUBG Corp. and developer Bluehole has published a new Xbox One update for PUBG today. You can go to the Fix PUBG website and take a look at the topics you care about the most like Xbox One improvements.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has launched its 'FIX PUBG' campaign to quell bugs
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Devs Aim to “Fix PUBG” Over Three-Month Roadmap

This is a phrase that we've been hearing a lot lately. While the average frames per second has steadily risen since launch, it would intermittently drop to below 60 roughly every 10 seconds, causing an annoying stutter effect. This map includes several vehicles which players can utilise including the six seater camper van, which the promo van touring the United Kingdom is based on. A low tick rate helps lessen strain, but can lead to a sub-par experience.

For those who don't play PUBG, Miramar is the latest map available on the Xbox version of the game.

Sunita Williams among 9 astronauts to fly first commercial spacecraft
After the ending of space shuttle program in 2011, NASA astronauts were travelling to the ISS aboard Russia's Soyuz spacecraft. The missions will mark the first crewed launches from US soil since the end of the space shuttle programme in 2011.

KitGuru Says: Although I certainly think that PUBG Corp could have been quicker to the mark rather than taking a whole year to get to this stage, it's always hard for a developer to be open about its problems without further backlash. PUBG Corp doesn't indicate how long the campaign will last, but does promise transparency for the duration.

The name is inspired by community's various calls for PUBG to, well, be fixed. "We will continue to work on desync, sound issues and of course continue fixing bugs as well". PUBG also focusing on making its game just a bit more presentable, from making it possible for dead teammates to place markers to the inclusion of a colorblind mode.

Snapchat’s Revenue Soars 44 Percent Despite Losing Users After App Redesign
Spiegel said the company is still getting feedback from customers about it, and will continue to improve it over time. The company reported 188 million daily active users , falling short of analysts' expectations of about 193 million.

A brief FAQ at the bottom of the roadmap says that "throughout the next three months, we're dedicating the vast majority of our resources to addressing you issues with the game and implementing your suggested improvements".

Putin makes Hollywood star special US-Russia envoy
Seagal, who has warm ties with President Vladimir Putin and was granted Russian citizenship in 2016, said he was "deeply humbled and honoured" by the appointment.

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