Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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‘The Bachelorette’ makes choice, and its Garrett Yrigoyen

‘The Bachelorette’ makes choice, and its Garrett Yrigoyen

Yet another season of The Bachelorette is drawing to a close. Blake was left heartbroken when Becca dumped him during the August 6 finale of The Bachelorette.

Final dates: When dolphins leaped out of the sea during Becca's and Garrett's last date, as they lounged on a yacht, it seemed like a sign.

The Bachelorette finale has come and gone and with it, a fair share of controversy centering around the man Becca chose to marry, Garrett Yrigoyan.

Before the breakup and proposal, Becca took a moment to explain where she's coming from, "I feel like I could be happy with either guy and both of them would be a right choice for me". Horstmann said that he knew she was special from the first time that he met her. The family is charmed enough.

"Me preparing to watch the #BacheloretteFinale knowing good and well Becca is probably about to pick Garrett and I'm going to be mad", one viewer tweeted. Okay then. Elsewhere Garrett talks to Uncle Chuck about his feelings and they all start crying for some reason. Horstmann then asked her, "What changed?" Garrett assures Uncle Chuck that Becca knows he has emotions.

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"But I feel like she knew who I was as a person, and that I didn't stand by those likes; and that I was a better person than I was presenting on my social media", Garrett said.

Becca arguably deserved a happy ending more than anyone else in this franchise after Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed marriage to her on The Bachelor's Season 22 finale only to dump her weeks later on-camera in order to reconcile with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, whom he's now engaged to. ABC executive Rob Mills chatted with Variety, and he confirmed that no decision has been made yet. Read on to find out how Blake reacts when Becca sends him home. Blake didn't like that question very much at all. And so it played out with Garrett and Blake. It's not looking good for him. "I really haven't thought about it".

Sadly, the producers persist in having the unlucky fellow give a speech professing his love, not getting his dreams dashed until just before he gets down on one knee. "No one's ever talking to me after that". (Do they practice that?) After they say hello, they hop on a boat and go sailing.

"What Arie fell into, Becca did too".

Becca said that while the scandal was "a hurdle", the thought of leaving him "never crossed my mind".

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Does it even matter? Blake gets out of the boat that delivered him to his doom. "I know it's going to be insane when that moment comes, but it's going to be so worth it and so I'm going to be so excited for that day".

Kufrin said she grieved after the public break-up. He may be the only person in the world who is stunned, though.

Hers and Blake's had been the most solid, constant relationship, "but because you were so constant I think I was overlooking other relationships", she said. "I don't know where things are gonna go". "Bye." He then openly sobs, adding a little more salt to the Maldives' waters.

"We're so happy, so in love", Becca told Harrison in the studio. He tells Becca that he loves fly fishing with her and she tells him that he reminds her of her dad. Yrigoyen then stepped in with a practiced reply. Becca gives the Final Rose to the man she gave the First Impression Rose to - just like JoJo, Kaitlyn and Rachel before her.

The backstory, if you missed it: Right after "The Bachelorette" premiered in May, a former "Bachelor" contestant revealed that Garrett had "liked" posts on Instagram that made fun of transgender people; mocked feminists; claimed Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg was a crisis actor; and joked about throwing an immigrant child over the border. Why else defend him so vigorously?

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"The Bachelorette" victor Garrett Yrigoyen addressed his Instagram controversy during the season finale. Chris Harrison doesn't push, but instead offers the new couple a mini-van to drive off into the sunset.

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