Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
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Parents hire Fortnite 'coaches' to stop kids being bullied at school

Parents hire Fortnite 'coaches' to stop kids being bullied at school

By the way, if there are any parents reading this, I am absolutely available for teaching your kid a thing or two about getting that Victory Royale.

Now it seems like either I have become too old or the world has lost its goddamn mind. The tutor provided the kid with four hours of Fortnite lessons, in exchange for $50. Epic Games' battle royale sensation Fortnite is one of the most popular games around the globe right now and people are investing in coaches in the same way they would for academics and sports.

Rising winds forecast for Northern California wildfire zones
The fire burned slowly for days before winds suddenly whipped it up last week and drove it furiously through brush and timber. Workers who live in Yosemite's popular Valley region were ordered to leave today because of inaccessible roads.

On an global quest for parental views on the ever-popular co-op video game, The Wall Street Journal's Sarah E. Needleman found that some families aren't necessarily spurning hours-long commitments to the screen as much as they are encouraging them. Tutors are now offering their services to help kids improve theirFortnite skills, and parents have been more than willing to pay up. But if your kid sucks at the game and dies early on in the game, then his friends aren't going to want to play with him anymore and they'll stop inviting him to their group. The reasoning goes that being good at the game has a positive impact on his social standing: "There's pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it", she told the American paper. On the other hand, there are some parents who take classes so that they can successfully play alongside their children.

Some of the parents interviewed by WSJ said they hoped their children would turn their video game hobby into a future career or use it to get scholarships. "Now he'll throw down 10 to 20 wins", said Mennen, after his son started taking 6 hours worth of lessons a month.

Trump Insults Lebron James' Intelligence After NBA Star Calls Him Divisive
James has said that Trump "doesn't understand the power that he has for being the leader of this lovely country". Shortly before midnight, he made his thoughts known on what he thought of the LeBron-Lemon conversation.

Coaches can be found through social media or through contracting sites, according to the article. One coach, an 18-year-old professional player from Utah, finds the situation odd.

Iran naval drills underway amid tensions with U.S.
Senior Iranian officials have warned the country would not easily yield to a renewed USA campaign to strangle Iran's vital oil exports.

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