Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

The Discovery Of A Lake On Mars Is A Big Deal

The Discovery Of A Lake On Mars Is A Big Deal

SKYGAZERS are in for a treat tomorrow when a rare "opposition" event will see Mars at its brightest in 15 years. The planet's magnificent ring system is also on full display and near its maximum tilt toward Earth, which was in 2017. The bright horizontal feature at the top corresponds to the icy surface of Mars. At that time, the Sun, Earth and Mars fall in a straight line, with Mars and the Sun on "opposing" sides of Earth. This is when the two planets get as close to one another as they can get, in this case roughly 36 million miles apart.

Every now and again the planets literally align, affording Hubble the flawless conditions to capture detailed images of its distant quarry. However, Hubble has one advantage over space probes: "It can look at these objects periodically and observe them over much longer periods than any passing probe could". Images of the red planet and Saturn of 2018 made at nearly maximum zoom from space to our planet, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

The Moon is set to rise from the horizon with a blood red hue and should be visible in the United Kingdom from around 8.50pm. From the outside in are the A ring with the Encke Gap, the Cassini Division, the B ring, and the C ring with the Maxwell Gap.

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Read Also Lunar Eclipse 2018: Tirumala Temple to be closed for over 12 hours on July 27 Bloodmoon is seen as the direct sunlight to the moon is restricted by the Earth. Now, because the Earth is close to its peak distance from the sun, it's closer to Mars. "All planets look like stars initially, but they don't twinkle". In addition, successful detailed images of the crater Schiaparelli. At this time Saturn was approximately 1.4 billion kilometres from Earth. With summer in the northern hemisphere, the atmosphere is now more active.

While observing the planet Hubble also managed to capture images of six of Saturn's 62 now known moons: Dione, Enceladus, Tethys, Janus, Epimetheus, and Mimas.

Scientists believe that at one point this formation on Mars would have been much larger than it is today. Small, mid-latitude puffs of clouds are also visible. In May, NASA launched another spacecraft, the InSight Mars lander, that will dig under the surface after it reaches a flat plain just north of the Martian equator in November.

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With scientists recently announcing the exciting discovery of a "lake" hidden below ice on Mars' south pole, the Red Planet is seemingly capitalizing on the exciting news by coming closer to Earth than it has in 15 years.

For the past 28 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured some of the most iconic images of outer space. Every so often the Earth's orbit catches up with Mars, bringing the two planets nearer.

"If these researchers are right, this is the first time we've found evidence of a large water body on Mars", said Cassie Stuurman, a geophysicist at the University of Texas who found signs of an enormous Martian ice deposit in 2016.

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