Published: Mon, July 30, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Century's longest total lunar eclipse to grace night sky on July 27

Century's longest total lunar eclipse to grace night sky on July 27

The lunar eclipse totality (when the earth's shadow is blocking all of the moon) will last just shy of an hour and 43 minutes.

Friday, July 27 around the world will experience the longest total lunar Eclipse in a hundred years.

On the night of the Blood Moon, the Earth's shadow cast by the sun will paint the July full moon a deep reddish to orange hue.

As this happens, some part of the Moon will not be visible to stargazers, resulting in a partial lunar eclipse.

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This rare celestial event will be visible across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America.

A partial lunar eclipse - which looks "like someone took a bite out of the moon - will also be visible in the July 2019, Petro said".

This phenomenon, often called the Blood Moon due to the blood red appearance of the moon when it is bathed in Earth's shadow, will be preceded and followed by partial eclipses lasting more than an hour. All celestial bodies - sun, moon and earth - have to be in ideal alignment for the phenomenon to occur.

But Friday's lunar eclipse has reignited Evangelical interest in a possible link between the event, the Jewish state, and the apocalypse. "A Blue Moon is the second full moon during a calendar month", said Duari, who also termed the year 2018 as "a year of lunar eclipses".

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As for a solar eclipse, you've got a longer wait.

The UK falls slightly outside of the ideal viewing range, meaning people will see the full eclipse for only 84 minutes of the total time. "The eclipse will already be underway when the moon rises above the south eastern horizon at about 8.50pm and the total eclipse will end by about 10.15pm".

The Royal Astronomical Society said that Mars and the moon will appear low in the sky for everyone in the United Kingdom, so a location with an unobstructed southeastern horizon will afford the best view.

On the US East Coast, the eclipse live stream will go live at 2.30pm ET or 11.30am on the West Coast. During the eclipse, weather permitting; you may also be able to see four other planets in the sky.

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Mars will actually be at its closest approach since 2003 on July 30 and 31, at 35.78 million miles away.

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