Published: Sat, July 28, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Up to 15 unborn babies at risk after halted medical test

Up to 15 unborn babies at risk after halted medical test

The Dutch trial was created to investigate whether Viagra was useful in promoting the growth of severely underdeveloped babies in the womb. As reported by TV channel NOS, the study was conducted in 10 hospitals in the Netherlands from 2015.

It sometimes occurs because the mother has high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes or a condition called preeclampsia, he added.

Dutch doctors were trying to answer a simple question about a popular drug: Could the active ingredient in Viagra be used to help a particular group of at-risk babies often born tiny and premature with slim chances of survival? Eleven of them had been born with lung conditions and didn't survive.

The trial was looking at possible beneficial effects of increased blood flow in expectant mothers.

. However, they also did not document any benefits.

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A Dutch medical trial in which pregnant women were given Viagra has been halted due to a wave of infant deaths.

In the Dutch study, 93 women had been given sildenafil and 90 got a placebo drug. Out of 93 babies born in the trial, 19 died, including 11 possibly from a lung condition linked to the medicine that resulted in reduced oxygen levels. Twenty babies developed lung problems after birth - three in the placebo group and the rest in the treatment group.

Around 15 women who took the medication have not yet given birth. This is in line with the conclusion by the authors of the United Kingdom study, which recommended that "clinicians worldwide should stop prescribing sildenafil for this indication outside of research studies with explicit participants' consent".

It was hoped the drug would increase the size of the placenta and encourage their development. Spokeswoman Dervila Keane wrote in an email Tuesday that the research is "an investigator initiated study and Pfizer have no involvement in the trial".

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A spokesman for Amsterdam UMC said it believed the trial had been conducted properly, but would expect an external investigation to be launched.

Prior to the experiments, the growth of each of the unborn babies was found to be limited and the prognosis viewed as poor. The doctors decided that the child would be better to stay and develop inside the mother.

Earlier trials in the United Kingdom and Australia and New Zealand did not find any evidence of potential harm from the intervention. Severe cases of IUGR can cause long-term developmental problems or death. We contacted the one Canadian woman who was now in the trial, directing her to stop taking the drug or placebo.

He revealed the results had also been shared with Canadian researchers working on similar trials. This is more than expected, said the oversight Commission.

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