Published: Sat, July 28, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming Friday

Blood moon: Longest lunar eclipse of the century is coming Friday

In this particular eclipse, the Moon will pass through the central part of the Earth's umbral shadow. It will take nearly two hours before the moon returns to normal.

As explained by the CSIRO the Warlpiri people, who live mostly north and west of Alice Springs, say a lunar eclipse is caused when the Sun-woman makes up ground during her threatening pursuit of the Moon-man. It can be best viewed from Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. The total eclipse will last up to 1.43 hours. For this eclipse, the moon will pass closer to the centre of that cone, and therefore it would take it a little longer than the one that had happened just in January. It'll be a lovely four hours there, hanging in our sky, passing above us with high visibility (hopefully) across the whole world - except for North America.

Total lunar eclipse. Image by author
Image by author captured Oct. 7 2014 Jackson MI

Although U.S. residents won't be able to see the eclipse, they should still be excited because the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - NASA's robotic spacecraft orbiting the moon - will experience it first-hand, Petro said.

You've probably heard the term Blood Moon bandied around the past few weeks.

Date, timings and how to watch the blood moon
Below is an interview with Daniel Cunnama , of the South African Astronomical Observatory about tonight's astronomical event. In addition, the event will also be visible in parts of South-America, parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.

The moon will be low on our horizon when it starts to go dark and it will set while completely immersed in a dull-red stain.

Skywatchers around the world will have sight of the longest total lunar eclipse of the century on Friday. At that point gradually the obscuration will begin diminishing lastly at about3.58am on July 28, the shroud would be in the fractional stage for one hour and nine minutes, said BM Birla Science Center. "The last opposition of Mars, which means the Sun, Earth and the Red planet are lined up, occurred in 2003".

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The Middle East: Limassol and Dubai will offer some of the best views of the full eclipse beginning at 10:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m local time.

A lunar eclipse isn't the same spectacle as a solar eclipse: The darkness cast doesn't have the same contrast. Putting to rest all apprehensions about the risks associated with viewing the eclipse with a naked eye, Duari said, "No special filters are required to protect our eyes like those used for watching solar eclipses".

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When is the Blood Moon?

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