Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Trump and Putin discussed possible referendum in eastern Ukraine

Trump and Putin discussed possible referendum in eastern Ukraine

The lawmakers are seeking answers on what agreements Trump may have reached with Putin in their two-hour meeting on Monday in which they were accompanied only by their interpreters.

The cover was released just days after the two leaders' joint press conference in Helsinki, during which Mr. Trump appeared to cast doubt on the conclusion of US intelligence agencies that Russian Federation interfered with the 2016 election.

Coats explained why he put out a statement attesting to the intelligence community's assessment of Russia's involvement (after Trump threw them under the bus while standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin), and then looked surprised when he was told that Putin was coming to Washington in the fall - which he apparently hadn't been told about.

The interaction outlines the sensitive relationship between the intelligence community and the president, who has vacillated between attacking their conclusions in various reports, to offering complete and total support for the field agents.

The White House retreated from what Trump had called Putin's "incredible offer" during the Helsinki summit, revising its position just before the Senate voted overwhelmingly against the plan.

Trump Walks Back Controversial Comments On Russian Election Interference
But then he veered off the script that was written for him and suggested that others may have interfered in the election. The US leader also reiterated what he said was his "full faith and support for America´s great intelligence agencies".

As the White House tried to put some distance between the two leaders, Trump made a jarring move in the opposite direction on Thursday, offering to host Putin in Washington in the fall. And Trump has aggressively promoted US energy exports, although so far that hasn't created much competition for Russia's oil and gas.

While Trump has no qualms about criticizing leaders of allied countries like Germany's Angela Merkel, Canada's Justin Trudeau or the U.K.'s Theresa May, he nearly always treats Putin with kid gloves. "In the United States, in Russian Federation, or anywhere else", Schumer said.

The Kremlin has yet to formally respond to the proposal, but Mr Trump has said he is looking forward to his second meeting with Mr Putin.

The next day, after a barrage of criticism from Republicans as well as Democrats, Mr. Trump said he misspoke and that he accepts the findings of the us intelligence community.

Mr. Trump tweeted that the two men discussed Ukraine, but has not mentioned a referendum or revealed specifics.

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Sanders on Thursday said, "It is a proposal that was made in sincerity by President Putin, but President Trump disagrees with it", a day after saying the proposal was going to be discussed by Trump's team.

It was the latest about-face from the White House as it struggled to quiet the post-Helsinki summit uproar.

Trump implied that the conflicting positions of the American and Russian governments on some of the most important global issues - including Iran, North Korea, Syria and Ukraine - can be resolved through diplomacy and handshakes.

But this did not prevent him from acknowledging that there are many problems the Helsinki summit could not resolve.

U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, July 17, 2018. This backlash inspired an unbelievable (and rare) Trump walkback: He'd meant to say that he saw no reason why Russian Federation "wouldn't" have been involved in...

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