Published: Sat, July 21, 2018
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Fresh Trump confusion over Russian Federation meddling

Fresh Trump confusion over Russian Federation meddling

The American president claimed his Russian counterpart was "extremely strong and powerful in his denial" of any election meddling - even though Trump said he has "great confidence" in the USA intelligence community. "So certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes", Trump told CBS News in an interview.

Trump said it was "sort of a double negative", adding, "I think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself".

For undermining the U.S. intelligence community, CIA official John Brennan said Trump's press conference rose and exceeded the "threshold of high crimes and misdeameanors".

He acknowledged the assessments made by United States intelligence agencies, which held Russian Federation responsible for meddling in the presidential election.

On Tuesday, Trump walked back his earlier remarks and read a statement saying he misspoke, adding that he had accepted the intelligence community's conclusion.

Again on Wednesday, he told CBS he agreed with those U.S. findings.

At the news conference in Helsinki, Trump said of the culprit that interfered, "I don't see any reason why it would be" Russian Federation. If he says I would accept, I will tell you, though, it better not be.

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During Monday's news conference, Trump said, "I don't see any reason why it would be" Russian Federation that interfered in the election.

Kate Handley, a 22-year Navy veteran whose husband is still on active duty, said Trump's reluctance to fully support American intelligence agencies also undermines the US military. "Look at what we've done".

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters at a news briefing hours later that the president's "no" was not in answer to a reporter's question, "Is Russia still targeting the USA?" "He understands it, and he's not happy about it. It is not exactly easy to craft that kind of legislation, but I think there seems to be some bipartisan support for sending that message and letting Mr. Putin know that if he keeps this up there will be consequences".

Mr Trump told the world Mr Putin had been "strong and powerful in his denials" of Russian interference on the 2016 U.S. elections, and insisted: "All I can do is ask the question".

That forced a tortured clarification of his remarks for the second day in a row. But during a briefing this afternoon, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said that's not the case. Sanders also said the White House believes the Russian threat to target American elections "still exists".

"This has to be recognised for what it is, which is simply an effort to clean up the mess he made yesterday, which is beyond the capacity of any short statement to fix", said Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

President Donald Trump says on Twitter that Russian Federation has pledged to help in high-stakes negotiations with North Korea, but he's giving no details on how and when that might lead to removal of the North's nuclear armaments.

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Trump returned to the subject of his relationship with Putin later Wednesday morning, asserting that some people would rather go to war than see him get along well with Putin.

Indeed, as more and more evidence of Putin's election manipulation emerges, the shadow over Trump's presidency grows larger.

The two leaders held two hours of closed-door talks with no one else present but the interpreters.

Senate Committee on Foreign Relations chairman Bob Corker, a Republican, called the Helsinki news conference "saddening and disappointing".

A report read, "this open, partisan, USA intervention in British politics is unprecedented, going well beyond President Ronald Reagan's political flirtation with Margaret Thatcher or President Bill Clinton's friendship with Tony Blair".

"I am not being alarmist, I am simply stating the facts", Obama said.

EARLIER: DONALD Trump fired off a series of wild tweets in a desperate attempt to defend himself from fierce criticism by the media and members of his own party over his behaviour with Russia's President Vladimir Putin. "So when he sees that he has misspoken, he comes out and he says that". "I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be". The White House spokesperson emphasized Trump meant he did not want to answer questions.

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Trump has denied collusion and casts Mueller's probe as a witch hunt that aims to detract from his election victory.

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