Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Oyster At Florida Restaurant

Man Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Eating Oyster At Florida Restaurant

A 71-year-old man has died after contracting a bacterial infection from a bad oyster he ate at a Sarasota-area restaurant last week, according to our news partners at WWSB.

The local health department said the unidentified man died on July 10 from vibrio, a bacteria usually seen from undercooked oysters, reports WFLA yesterday, July 18.

Two days later, the man was dead, WWSB reports.

The restaurant where the oyster was served was not immediately identified.

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The bacteria, called Vibrio vulnificus, is often associated with eating raw or under-cooked shellfish. or entering into warm coastal waters with exposed wounds.

Health officials say that the man's death was caused by a bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus, which is commonly found in oysters and other types of seafood.

Health officials advise those with weakened immune systems to wear proper foot protection to prevent cuts and injury caused by rocks and shells on the beach.

Vibrio vulnificus is a rare disease but infections will lead to vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, according to the departments website.

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This is the first case and fatality involving flesh eating bacteria in Sarasota County this year. You can get infected by eating raw shellfish, particularly oysters, or by exposing open wounds to seawater. There were no reported cases a year ago, officials said. People can also contract the bacteria if they wade in water and have any open wounds. "That can progress to a severe illness where you get the bacteria into your blood causing you to be more sick", Said Drennon.

Through this oyster, he contracted a gastrointestinal illness related to a flesh-eating bacteria on the oyster.

Pasco County has had no cases in 2018, and one non-fatal case each in 2017 and 2017.

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