Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Greenland village watches looming iceberg

Greenland village watches looming iceberg

A danger zone close to the coast has been evacuated and people have been moved further up a steep slope where the settlement lies. "I'd be the first to get out of there".

Denise Holland of New York University's Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, who was collecting data about sea-level change from climate change, took video of the event June 22. In June, a landslide caused by an natural disaster 17 miles north of Nuugaatsiaq partly triggered a tsunami that washed away 11 homes and killed four people. The iceberg is allegedly grounded on the sea floor. "So that's what happened to one of these bergs". In addition to homes, the village's power station and fuel tanks are located near the iceberg.

Scientists have watched an iceberg four miles long break off from a glacier.

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"It's a very loud booming sound that echoes across the fjord from one side to the other as different pieces of ice start to break off".

Anna Hogg, a glaciologist at the University of Leeds told NPR that, despite their island home and reliance on maritime industries, most Greenlanders can not swim.

Eleven homes were washed away, 11 people injured, and four more people perished.

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Officials say there are concerns that chunks of the iceberg could flood the remote village with tsunami-like waves, according to multiple reports. As a result, the risk of tsunamis and floods could rise as icebergs hit coastal areas like Greenland.

"When you're looking at sea-level rise, the place that matters is West Antarctica", he said, according to the National Geographic. "Ocean water is just so cold; you can cool your toe without any help".

Although the process of glaciers losing ice is natural, and occurs every summer, the waters around Greenland in recent decades have become warmer, which means it is becoming increasingly.

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