Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Russian cargo ship arrives at International Space Station

Russian cargo ship arrives at International Space Station

A Russian cargo ship delivered a fresh load of fuel, food, and other supplies for the International Space Station on Tuesday, making it in record time.

Russian Federation made it to the International Space Station in record speed, clocking in just three hours and 48 minutes from launch to docking.

It marked the shortest the travel time for ferrying supplies for the crew, beating the previous Progress journeys of about six hours. The of late concluded flight was made to display accelerated capacity that may be utilized on subsequent Russian cargo and crew launches wrote NASA officials.

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A German astronaut has shared a breathtaking photo he took of the moon from the International Space Station (ISS). notes that ISS crew members just stuff the Progress capsules with waste, then sent away to burn up in the atmosphere.

The Progress 70 launch is Russia's third attempt to fly a superfast mission to the space station. Because the launch was aborted during the final moments of the countdown, the mission missed its chance to take the fast route to the ISS. Ultimately, Progress 69 launched on the 2-day flight profile as well.

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That new system is apparently a lot better than whatever they were using previously, and it's helped to make the trip much more efficient, thus cutting way down on the time it takes for its vehicles to arrive at the Space Station.

The ISS had a resupply mission recently that lifted off in Kazakhstan atop a Soyuz-2.1a booster. However, NASA has contracted private spaceflight companies to launch the agency's cargo shipments.

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