Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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‘FBI lover’ agent: Attacks on Federal Bureau of Investigation a ‘victory’ for President Putin

‘FBI lover’ agent: Attacks on Federal Bureau of Investigation a ‘victory’ for President Putin

In his opening statement, Strzok said he has never allowed personal opinions to infect his work, that he knew information during the campaign that had the potential to damage Trump but never contemplated leaking it and that the focus put on him by Congress is misguided and plays into "our enemies' campaign to tear America apart".

"Most disturbingly, it has been wildly successful - sowing discord in our nation and shaking faith in our institutions".

The DOJ's inspector general concluded in a report released last month that department officials committed numerous indiscretions over the course of the Trump campaign investigation in 2016.

Strzok denied the accusation.

Chalian's remarks come the same day Strzok faced off with GOP members of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees.

The hearing was often raucous and seemed at times more like a TV comedy about Congress than a real committee hearing.

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Goodlatte eventually let the hearing of the body's judiciary and oversight committees to proceed without calling the panel into recess. Several people, apparently committee staffers, stood up behind Democratic lawmakers, holding large posters of all those who have already pleaded guilty so far in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe. But the report said it found no evidence of political bias in the FBI's decision to not pursue criminal charges against Clinton.

During Thursday's hearing, Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent Peter Strzok defended himself against congressional Republicans who accused him of being too biased against the president when Strzok sent anti-Trump text messages in 2016. He told lawmakers the texts in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election reflected personal views that he had never acted on, angrily rejecting Republican allegations that he had set out to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

Peter Strzok (struhk) helped lead FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton's email use and potential co-ordination between Russian Federation and Donald Trump's campaign.

"And taking these cheap shots, that's what I call them, cheap shots at Strzok just were unconscionable".

Cohen went on to describe the hearing as "an attack on you and a way to attack [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller and the investigation that is to get at Russian collusion involved in our elections, which is what this committee should be looking at".

The hearing often descended into partisan bickering over points of parliamentary order and whether or not Strzok could be compelled to answer questions pertaining to ongoing FBI investigations.

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"I testify today with significant regret, recognizing that my texts have created confusion and caused pain for people I love", Strzok said.

Strzok testified before the House in a closed-door hearing in June, where Republicans railed against his credibility in claiming that his texts with Page were not evidence that he meant to block Trump from the presidency, as his critics have said an August 2016 message suggests.

"Just as Jack Nicholson said in the movie 'A Few Good Men, ' 'You can't handle the truth.' And the truth is, this is the most corrupt administration ever, and it's going to be exposed by Robert Mueller, thank God".

Thursday's hearing, which was the first public appearance Strzok has made since he became a central figure in the Russian Federation investigation, underscored the deep tensions on Capitol Hill over the FBI's investigations connected to the 2016 election.

"I see that FBI Lover/Agent Lisa Page is dodging a Subpoena & is refusing to show up and testify". Wow, but is anybody really surprised!

During his first public testimony before two House committees on Thursday, Strzok maintained that his political thoughts did not affect his role in the investigation.

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