Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Will Donald Trump meet Boris Johnson? 'Not sure,' says US ambassador

Will Donald Trump meet Boris Johnson? 'Not sure,' says US ambassador

According to The Guardian, in anticipation of the potentially violent turnout of protestors, the country will be deploying police at level not seen since its 2011 riots, when a man was shot and killed by police in London.

President Trump will head to London on Friday, where he's expected to face protests at every turn.

There are also plans for protestors to gather close to the U.S. ambassador's residence in Regent's Park, where Trump and his wife, Melania, will stay overnight on Thursday.

Mr Khan defended the blimp baby: "There are two issues; one is the freedom to protest and the right to free speech and the second is our issues on President Trump".

No, that's not true: an old story from January about Trump aborting a visit to open the new U.S. Embassy suddenly went viral again in July, causing many people to believe Trump had blown off the July visit too.

LONDON FALLING: US Embassy Warns Americans of 'VIOLENT' PROTESTS During Trump Visit
Over 10,000 citizens signed the petition to let it fly, which the mayor finally agreed to, seeing it as a "peaceful protest".

The demonstrators plan to loft a large blimp-like balloon over the skies beside Westminster Palace, depicting a bronzed "Trump Baby" in diapers, clutching a mobile phone.

Amid reports that the government is working to bring a major police presence to the demonstrations, Amnesty International warned British authorities against attempting to stamp out freedom of expression in an effort to "appease their visitors".

Workmen construct fences, before the US presidential visit at the end of the week, around the USA ambassador's residence in Regent's Park in London, Britain, July 10, 2018. We are living in very volatile times and so I hope nothing gets out of hand and I hope people can act civilly.

"#TrumpBaby will not be far behind", where the president will travel, the organizers wrote, "haunting the skies- and hopefully the dreams- of the stain on the office of President that is Donald Trump Senior".

Reuters reports that more than 50,000 people have signed up to protest Trump's visit in London on Friday.

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And tension could be sparked as Mrs May expects the USA president to remember the "malign behaviour" of Russian Federation when he meets Mr Putin.

But the red carpet treatment is likely to be overshadowed by massive protests planned by Britons opposed to Trump's presence.

Other planned protests will occur near Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire where Trump will attend a black-tie dinner and on Thursday outside the US's ambassador's residence in London where Trump and Melania will spend their evening.

As a well-known "friend" of the president - having appeared on a series of his reality show Celebrity Apprentice in the US - Morgan was concerned about how it would affect United Kingdom and US relations and if it would upset Trump.

Later, Trump will take tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, a home to the royals for 1,000 years, part of a tour created to keep him away from protesters.

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