Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

92-year-old man beaten with a brick in Los Angeles

92-year-old man beaten with a brick in Los Angeles

The alleged victim, who was visiting his family in the USA from his home in Mexico, spoke to local reporters through his grandson, Erik Mendoza, who served as a translator.

He'll be turning 92 in September, Rodriguez said, and he's never been hurt like this before, in a life working the fields with cattle and corn.

He was left severely bloodied and unable to walk, with bruised ribs, a broken cheek bone, a battered face and head injuries, his family said.

"And then when one of the witnesses comes out of her auto and starts screaming at her, four other guys come in and start kicking on him", Mendoza told KTLA.

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Rodolfo Rodriguez was out on his regular evening stroll when he reportedly bumped into a young girl walking on the sidewalk. He visits California twice a year, according to reports.

The woman was then joined by four men, who joined in on the attack, KTLA, a Tribune Broadcasting station based in L.A., reports.

Sheriff's Deputy D'Angelo Robinson told KTLA that police are "concerned" about the crime, but they've not yet determined a motive.

The woman who took the video says he was struck with a piece of concrete several times in the head.

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"Go back to your country, why are you here, bad things", the witness said the mother told Rodriguez, who is a legal USA resident, according to the station. "There was what appears to be a 4-year-old child there who witnessed the entire thing", he said.

Misbel Borjas, Rodriguez's neighbor, said she was the witness involved. He was the victim of an unprovoked attack where he was beaten in the face by a woman with a brick and several other assailants who jumped in all while telling him to go back to Mexico. "We can't have these kind of people ... out in the streets". He spent five or six hours in the hospital, he said.

It looks like Rodriguez's family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his medical bills and raised $31,037 - more than double their original $15,000 goal - in just two days.

"I just passed her and she pushed me and she hit me until she was done", he said, adding that he was walking to a nearby park when the assault took place. "That's all our family wants, justice for our grandpa". Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Department at 323-568-4800.

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