Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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Thai Cave Rescue Operation Is Underway

Thai Cave Rescue Operation Is Underway

"Twelve Wild Boars [team members] and their coach are out of the cave", the Thai Navy SEALs said on Facebook on Tuesday.

The sub, dubbed Wild Boar after the soccer team's name, is ready for use when and if necessary, Musk said in another tweet, adding that the vessel will remain in Thailand in case it's needed in the future.

The diver, the first fatality of the rescue effort, was working in a volunteer capacity and died on a mission to place air canisters along the passage to where the boys are, necessary for divers to safely travel the five- to six-hour route.

A small number of Navy SEALs, including a doctor who stayed with the team for a week after their discovery, remain in the cave system and are expected to emerge soon.

In a day of high drama, the remaining five boys emerged in groups as evening approached, guided out by global divers and the SEALs, who have played an integral role throughout an unprecedented rescue mission.

Four more boys were rescued overnight after the first four emerged yesterday. According to NBC News, the twelve boys, ages 11 to 16, and their 25-year old coach entered the caves two weeks ago but were trapped after rain caused flooding.

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Eight of the boys were brought out on stretchers over the first two days - four on Sunday and four on Monday.

Family members were allowed to visit the four boys who were rescued first on Monday evening, but they were kept separated by a glass window because of fears over infections. Medical officials told reporters that they're healthy, fever-free, mentally fit and "seem to be in high spirits". Last Monday they were discovered huddled on a narrow rock shelf deep within the flooded cave system.

One of the boys appeared to have lung inflammation, and another was admitted with a slowed heart rate but both are improving, said Dr. Jedsada Chokedamrongsook, the permanent secretary of the Thai Health Ministry.

Local governor Narongsak Osatanakorn said Tuesday's rescue operation began just after 10am local time and involves 19 divers.

"Doctors have treated the boys and now all of them are okay and cheerful".

"The kids are footballers, are strong and have high immunity", Jesada said when asked how they survived so long.

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The search and rescue operation has riveted people both in Thailand and internationally, with journalists from across the globe traveling to this town along the border with Myanmar to report on the ordeal.

"The mission has been accomplished", said Suthee Sommart, a rescuer who had worked with the diving team scouring for cave openings.

The drama has captivated people worldwide as cave experts grappled with the problem of how to free the young, malnourished boys, some of whom couldn't swim, from a flooded cavern as monsoon rains threatened to raise water levels even further.

Narongsak said he was grateful for Musk's support but the equipment was impractical for the rescue mission.

Dr Richard Harris, 53, an anaesthetist from Adelaide, undertook the unsafe dive to reach the boys and their coach last Saturday, reported The Sydney Morning Herald. "But we will have a psychiatrist to evaluate them". A local government official confirmed the rescue while a police source, who also did not want to be named, said "the ninth and tenth were about 20 minutes apart".

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