Published: Mon, July 02, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

This is Microsoft's secret folding Surface handheld, according to a report

This is Microsoft's secret folding Surface handheld, according to a report

Microsoft is reportedly developing a "pocketable" Surface device that'll feature a foldable display.

According to the emails, it will be a "new and disruptive" product category, aiming to blur the lines between what we now consider as a PC and a mobile device, potentially alluding to more desktop-like capabilities being available. It's supposed to be released this year, so expect it to appear somewhere this Autumn.

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In the leaked documents, Andromeda has been described by Microsoft as a device that the company is secretly incubating internally.

Now, after months of rumors and patent applications, The Verge claims it's seen an internal Microsoft document that confirms a new pocketable, dual-screen Microsoft Surface tablet is not only on the way, but will look identical to the the 3D renders you can see above and below from designer David Breyer.

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Microsoft's next big piece of hardware, Andromeda, may just fit in your pocket.

But it sounds like this new Surface device isn't exactly like a conventional smartphone. The Surface Pro has been successful on that front, and some companies - even Apple to an extent - is clearly emulating Microsoft's strategy now. The secret surface device known as Andromeda is the next major device to be able to challenge PC and phones. It seems the brand is going to pitch it as a pocketable Surface device. The report suggests the final product may be very close to the concept art created by David Breyer, shown above.

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Apparently, Microsoft views the Andromeda as its redemption for the Windows Phone platform that will blur the lines between mobile and stationary computing. Microsoft presently plans to launch Andromeda in 2018 along with other similar devices that will follow afterwards.

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