Published: Sat, June 30, 2018
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A new in-game message confirms Fortnite's rocket will launch tomorrow

A new in-game message confirms Fortnite's rocket will launch tomorrow

While the usual servers were back up and running within a few hours, Playground mode has yet to be restored.

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's highly-anticipated Playgroundlimited-time mode has once again been delayed, this time to next week.

Trump reportedly plans to announce Supreme Court nominee on July 9
They've also broken with the vast majority of Democrats when it comes to some of Trump's most important nominations. McConnell has signaled he wants to have a justice confirmed by October, which would be before the midterm election.

In a tweet, the developer says: "We're continuing to test improvements that are needed to enable the Playground LTM". Fortnite's Season 5 setup isn't coming for another two weeks, so the rocket launch probably won't do much at all other than launch into the sky, but it's going to be one of those moments you wish you were around for instead of doing other stuff all day.

News of the delay comes right as many suspected it would go live, and comes way of the game's official Twitter account.

Celtics reportedly 'unlikely' to trade for Kawhi Leonard
Smith said Thursday that James "reached out to Kevin Durant via text, from what I'm told, about coming to Los Angeles ". CLEVELAND- The NBA free agency rumor mill is working overtime on the eve of the last day for player options.

The Playground is basically what it sounds like, a sandbox mode where players can get their bearings by playing around in the world of "Fortnite", without competing in any matches. "Due to this, we'll be disabling Final Fight and re-enabling the 50v50 LTM". Since then, speculation has ran rampant, fueled further by teases from Epic Games such as countdowns appearing on in-game televisions. With the Playground mode giving players the ability to explore their own private island, with up to three friends and increased amounts of loot, it's understandable why users might be disappointed and hungry for more information.

"We plan to push these changes and improvements live later today to bring the Playground LTM back online". "So many of you rushed in to create and play that our matchmaking service fell over", a statement from Epic Games reveals.

Trump narrows US Supreme Court list; to name nominee on July 9
Below is the text of the letter Justice Anthony Kennedy sent to President Donald Trump announcing his retirement from the U.S. A new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 67 percent of registered voters are against overturning Roe v.

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