Published: Mon, June 25, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

While Sony did nothing, Nintendo and Microsoft just embraced cross-play

While Sony did nothing, Nintendo and Microsoft just embraced cross-play

Some PlayStation 4 games, including "Fortnite", allow limited cross-play with PC/Mac and iOS/Android, but not the Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

But today, Microsoft and Nintendo are seemingly putting salt in the wound with a new trailer for Minecraft. Sony responded by championing its install base, which sits around a reported 80 million, while highlighting the fact that Fortnite isn't truly "free to play" on Xbox since it requires an Xbox Live subscription.

For now, Sony remains elusive about its plans for cross-play - if it has any at all. PlayStation 4 has been here for a long time and it has reached the point where Sony has made a decision to introduce a budget-priced version of various hit games.

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Check out the trailer for yourself below! I don't believe this has been achieved yet, but when it inevitably is, Nintendo will be ready to ban you for attempting to play it online. That's at the same time that Sony is locking players' accounts to the consoles, preventing them from using the same Epic Games account on Nintendo Switch. This is an attempt to convince friends of friends to buy Playstations so that they can play together, I suppose, but it's stupid and very bad. Amid demand for gamers to cross-play Fortnite, Sony continues to block cross-play with their console gaming counterparts on other systems.

Sony or the PS4 aren't mentioned, but the implication is pretty clear here because there's a Minecraft version for PS4 as well.

According to a report by Fortnite Intel, the Sony Playstation Italia Facebook page has announced a new Fortnite PS4 bundle that will include the highly sought after Royale Bomber skin as an exclusive in addition to 500 V-Bucks will be releasing July 16th.

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Over the past year, console hackers and modders have been chipping away at the Nintendo Switch, discovering what makes the console tick and how to work around its security.

But wait, didn't Minecraft come to the Nintendo Switch a year ago? It joins Fortnite, Rocket League, Paladins, Chess Ultra, Pinball FX3, and whatever the hell Mantis Burn Racing is as titles that allow for cross-play between the former rivals. It's a clever, nearly subtle dig at Sony's cross-play restrictions. This makes it a relatively slim margin between Sony and Microsoft, with a similar result happening a year ago, but with the companies flipped.

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