Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Tory rebellion back on after MPs reject May’s compromise

Tory rebellion back on after MPs reject May’s compromise

Following a meeting with Theresa May, Tory MPs said they had been promised "input" into what the government would do if the United Kingdom faced a no-deal scenario.

It agreed to work towards a "customs arrangement" with the European Union in a compromise move, and gave a concession to rebels on a vote to give Parliament a "meaningful vote" on a Brexit deal.

Her minority government still needs support from the rebels to pass that bill and win future votes on more than 10 separate pieces of legislation needed to prepare for Brexit.

The most contentious was the bid to give Parliament the power to tell the government what to do if the Brexit deal was voted down or no agreement was reached.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell hit out at the nationalists for "constitutional posturing", saying it was "quite clear that it was never going to be possible to get agreed amendments because quite simply the Scottish Government, the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon have a different view of the constitution from everybody else".

Asked on Sky News about discussions on changes proposed by senior pro-EU Tory Dominic Grieve, Conservative vice-chairman Chris Skidmore said only that they "may lead to an amendment next week".

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He said: "I understand the difficulties MPs representing constituencies which voted strongly for Leave or Remain have on the EEA amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill".

Dominic Grieve says he thought he had reached an agreement but the government changed the text 'at the last minute'.

On Tuesday, parliament will also debate other amendments, including a challenge to the government's plan to put March 29, 2019, or "Brexit Day", into law and an attempt to toughen a commitment to ensure a frictionless border between Northern Ireland and the neighbouring Irish Republic, which will remain in the EU.

Pro-EU Tories held back from rebellion after ministers indicated they were ready to discuss changes requiring the UK Government to seek parliamentary approval for its approach if the Commons rejects a deal this autumn.

Corbyn, a longtime euroskeptic on the grounds that it privileges corporate interests over people's, had attempted to whip Labour MPs to abstain from the vote in order to weaken May's position even further.

Mr Grieve warned that if the Government failed to offer an adequate compromise, it would not be "the end of the matter".

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He said Mrs May promised to table amendments in the House of Lords based on his own proposal for Parliament to be consulted on the way forward if no deal is agreed by the end of November.

It means rebels will be forced to either accept May's offer or inflict a hugely damaging defeat on the government.

A paper laying out the U.K. government position on future relations, due to be published this month, has been delayed until July because the Cabinet can not agree on a united stance.

The legislation will be debated on Monday by the upper House of Lords and if no compromise is agreed, May could face a damaging defeat when it returns to the lower house on Wednesday.

She added: "I can not countenance parliament being able to overturn the will of the British people".

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