Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
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Merkel Blasts Trump for 'Withdrawal by Tweet' From G7 Statement

Merkel Blasts Trump for 'Withdrawal by Tweet' From G7 Statement

The comments come as European divisions over how to handle migration have been exacerbated by the case of the Aquarius, a migrant rescue ship operated by a Franco-German charity that Italy has refused to let dock in its ports.

Mr. Seehofer, whose right-wing Christian Social Union is trying to woo sympathizers of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) ahead of a regional election in the CSU's home state of Bavaria in October, has drafted a package of measures to curb the number of asylum-seekers coming to Germany. Mr. Söder said on Thursday that hoping to reach bilateral deals so soon was unrealistic.

After late-night talks between them failed to resolve the dispute, a parliamentary session Thursday was suspended to allow the rival camps - Merkel's CDU and its traditional sister party from Bavaria, Seehofer's CSU - to each huddle for strategy talks.

It described the two as "on a collision course", while the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper quoted an unnamed senior CSU lawmaker as saying the Bavarian party was considering leaving the parliamentary bloc - a move that would bring down the two parties' coalition government with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) formed just three months ago after lengthy negotiations following Federal elections that ended in stalemate.

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Merkel Blasts Trump for 'Withdrawal by Tweet' From G7 Statement

Sources said many CDU lawmakers had backed a compromise proposal made by the chancellor.

Mr Salvini serves as Italy's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, as well as leading the Lega (League) party, which is fiercely against the European Union's (EU) migrant policies and has slammed Germany for encouraging illegal migration.

This would represent a reversal of her open-door policy for migrants from 2015, which has already been scaled back.

Merkel was confronted with an open rebellion by her hardline Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, long a fierce critic of her liberal stance on refugees who wants to toughen border controls.

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The mass arrivals, together with some high-profile crimes committed by migrants since, sparked the rise of the far-right AfD party, which entered parliament a year ago, upending German politics.

Seehofer has always been harshly critical of Merkel's decision to open German borders in mid-2015 to a mass influx of over one million asylum seekers, although the government has sharply restricted entries since.

The plan was enough win over some wavering CDU members.

He says people without IDs, or people who traversed another European Union state to get to Germany, had no right to claim asylum there under European Union law, which says the first point of entry into Europe is responsible for their care.

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"This is a litmus test for the future and the cohesion of Europe", said the German chancellor after the announcement of the axis.

"What we should not do, in my view, is to leave the entire responsibility on the few countries where the refugees first arrive", Ms. Merkel told a press conference on Tuesday.

However, the SPD called on the conservative bloc to end its internal wrangling.

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